A Productive Weekend

On Saturday I started 7 scrapbook pages.  That’s because I spent 3 or 4 days putting together photos and papers with which to do some layouts.  I can’t say I did much else during the 5 hours I was at my first crop but I learned I prefer home.  With all the women chattering away with no off switch I needed the silence and had to pack up and go.  Actually, I don’t think there was anything else I was going to do with the photos and papers I had packed, I needed to concentrate (in quiet) on what I could add to the pages.  There was no way I could have packed enough because I just couldn’t have anticipated the direction I should go with the pages.

It’s all good, because now I can say I’ve attended a scrapbook crop.

Once home, with access to my supplies, I did finish 2 of the pages Saturday night.

I like the use of the Fun Stampers Journey background stamp of leaves here.


The unique thing with this layout is the Exacto knife I took to the branches of the Christmas Tree printed on the paper.  These photos were especially special to me because my granddaughter how put Tiny Tot in the “Scrapbook” shirt.  They had just finished putting up their tree.  Also, this page was done as a “lift” of a layout on Scrapbook.com, so it was actually fun to try to find elements to add here.  I enjoy finding something for inspiration, like someone’s page, to work with.  I think lifts and sketches take me out of my run of the mill designs. and I really enjoy the creation process.J-3504_KrisFalls

Here is another lift that I am very excited about.  I really enjoyed the stamping.  I left this over night, feeling it wasn’t quite complete.  My inspiration came the next morning (Sunday morning) bright and early before rising to use those white flowers on that one bottom right side that didn’t feel complete.  I stamped the center of the flowers, and put a rhinestone brad of pale pink.

Two of these pages are the start of working the photos from DD and friend’s vacation in NC recently.  It’s a symbiotic relationship  Kris provides me with paper and stamps, I make the scrapbook pages – lol

77 and Sunny

I’m enjoying a beautiful day today!  While out back with the fur babies I noticed the sky was so clear I could see the moon.IMG_0284_ed4x6


This one taken about 11:30 am.  What hint of clouds there were then are all gone now.

This is how good I have it and will be a reminder for the times to come when I forget it.  With new goals planned, I truly do see more clearly today.

It’s hard to set a goal when I really wasn’t sure how to form one.  What do I want, I asked myself.  What does anyone really want?  One desire high on the list for most people, I guess, is happiness.  That’s a broad topic so I decided to write about it and came up with this.

Goal: Find my inner strength, for there is my peace.

Steps to Take: *See the world as it is, not as it should be. *Live in the present, for there is nothing else. *Be active in health issues.

Once these goals and steps are down on paper, how do I go about making it work in real life?  Here are some of the things I knew I needed to start with.  *Stop over analyzing and just do.  *Do what is right whether I like it or not.  *Develop a bedtime routine that includes reading instead of TV.

I have also put together an eating plan.  For the last few days I have cut back on sugar.  My biggest intake of sugar was with my coffee.  I love those powdered coffees, and yes, I actually put spoonfuls in my brewed cup.  Choosing the right foods is important so I can prepare decent meals all the time.  I will have breakfast and lunch at the standard times.  Normally when I think I’m hungry I wander into the kitchen for something.  No more.  I will get a glass of water instead.  I had read a while back that sometimes when we think we are hungry we are really just thirsty.  So far that theory is playing true for me.  It’s easier to not snack when my stomach is full, even when it is only water.  I truly believe that taking in sugar multiplies the desire for more sugar.  If I were English I would say I’m having “tea” around 4 or so in the afternoon.  But these past two days I’ve had a cup of black decaf coffee and a little something to eat.  Notice I used the word “little” and that is the key.  Supper will be around 7pm because when I was cooking supper between 5 and 6 pm, we were then eating stuff we shouldn’t have later in the evening.  I’m trying this out, good so far.

I am off to bed at 10 pm with any book I choose.  Last night I passed over a couple and settled on Deepak Chopra’s “The Way of the Wizard”.  Wonderful food for thought.  It is to be re-read and pondered, I suggest.  I have often wanted to get back to writing morning pages and so I did.  First thing this morning I wrote an essay of over 500 words.  Then a few pages in my journal after that.  I recommend anyone should write to clear and form your thoughts in the morning if at all possible.  Writing a 500 word essay isn’t required! This practice isn’t just for writers or journalists, it’s good for your soul.


Here is a shot of the divider I made and the goal sheet I cut down from a large size page for my planner.  I love my Fun Stampers Journey planner, so cute to keep my thoughts as well as appointments in.  I can make short notes that can be expounded upon in larger journaling format – or Morning Pages. {smile}  It’s nice to have one place to keep track of everything in life as I live it.  I got the original “Goal” sheet from StudioSukiOnline.com if you need a place to start like I did.  This quote comes with it, “Dreams may be imaginable but goals are actionable.” ~Michael Hyatt.

Bell Pepper

After hearing this story my granddaughter relayed to us recently, I knew I would have to make a scrapbook page.  Here it is.  Although there were no photos of the real event, I took one because I thing it is more fun to have a photo on the page.

The papers are from an old K and Company pad.  The stamped words on the left and the figure on the right are stamps from Fun Stampers Journey.

If you are having trouble seeing the words, here they are:

What is a busy mom to do when she finds one of the peppers she purchased earlier that day has a really nasty bad spot?                                                                                        This was tonight’s dinner.                                                                                                 There is no substitution.                                                                                                        Her course of action:                                                                                                              1. Take it back to the store.                                                                                                    2. Demand my money back.                                                                                                  3. And a new pepper!                                                                                                         She doesn’t have time to walk her tired, pregnant self thru the produce, with an inquisitive 4 year old in tow, then wait in line to pay again. Dinner needs to be finished for a hungry Navy husband and one previously mentioned 4 year old.                                                  Knowing my granddaughter as I do, I can understand how the manager, called over to help the attending clerk, had no choice but to accommodate this little determined person he saw standing firm before him.                                                                                          Later hubby asks, “Is that even legal?”

Sunshine and Rain

There is splendor in both types of weather.  Here in Florida we are no stranger to these mercurial changes.

January 3rd WatermarkDSC_1297_edited-2WatermarkDSC_1298_edited-2

These was taken with my telephoto lens through my bedroom window glass.  I love this shot.  Our yard was overtaken by all these beautiful birds.  Here is another shot where he is all fluffed out.  Capturing these shots under the branch in the rain is a treasure.

January 4th

DSC_1305One could not have asked for a more perfect day in Florida!  The clear skies and our Grand Ole Flag waving it’s message in the gentle breeze.  While walking around outside I spotted this additional sign and had to walk over and snap it too.DSC_1304

  • Yes, I’m in Florida!  And it’s winter, right?  Well, it’s January, and “winter” some place else.

At Your Newsstand Now

Not only is this issue filled with inspiring cards and ideas to get your new year crafting mojo whirling, but something special from me.

I have a double page spread – how exciting us that!

This hit the stands at the beginning of this month, fresh inspiration to start the new year off right.

You will love this edition of cards, and you get to point to my pages and tell all your friends “Hey, I know her!”

I had some serious creative fun putting these cards together.  Wait till you read the intro she wrote about these – wow!

So, I hope you enjoy this magazine as much as I do!

Doing What I Love


Here is my first double page layout for this year.DBDoublew

Starting with a Splitcoaststampers challenge to scrap “Travel or an Adventure” I decided on these photos from November 20 and 21 of this past year.  I went to Scrapbook.com for the latest sketch challenge to work out my pages.  Because the hotel photos were dark, due to the lateness of the day, I picked the base paper from an old pack of Pink Paislee, then to my drawer of singles for papers to go with the base color. I picked the stripe to keep with the geometric background and the feel of the balcony rail and the row of floors and deck chairs in the photos. To add interest to the paper I dug out a very old Stampin’ Up roller stamp. It has shells and beachy stuff. I added more stamps, cutting out shells, a bottle with sand and shell inside and hibiscus spray.  Then for the bag of rhinestones and brads. Oh, and I tucked pieces of a doily on there too.

While trying to make holes for my brads I did a stupid and careless thing.  I tried to poke a hole in the layout with one blade of the little scissors.  My grip slipped and I sliced my right index finger.  So, now, typing with a bandage on it is awkward.   Speed is what I was after, aggravation and delay is what I got.

These pages of photos will be a reminder of the beautiful place I stayed for two nights while attending the Toastmasters District Conference.  A delight awaited me when I entered my room – a balcony ocean side!  Beautiful room too, clean and fresh.  But that’s for another layout.

Off to do some speed walking again today.  Now that I know my phone can count my steps I am motivated to build up the count beyond yesterday’s.  I racked up 7.4k yesterday and I know I can beat that today.


Opportunity to grow.

That’s what I see for this new year.

Even though we can “turn over a new leaf” any day of the year there just seems to be more power attached to the pronouncement if it is at the beginning of a new year.

Last year was a time of “turning a corner” in my thinking, putting me firmly on a new path to improvement.  Although I’ve always know certain maxims, and the psychology relating to them that strive to lead us to new endeavors of improvement, I believe I need to make my own so I can have deeply felt mantras, so to speak.  I have to believe I can grow.  I have to have clearly defined paths, simple steps, to follow. I have to know what didn’t work, what was unpleasant, so I can visualize better actions.

Turning a corner also means not being able to see what is behind me.  I acknowledge what I did wrong, the actions that opened me to unhappy thoughts.  Those thoughts now serve the purpose of identifying the negative thought patterns and the physical activities that I need to change.  Boom.  That’s all.  Let the past go.

This is my time to be happy.  It is within my reach.  I am already flexing my new muscles.  I am becoming the person I want to be.  I am turning into the true Joyce.

A Christmas Card from Tiny Tot

Just love this!

So precious!

Card from Leia3403_

Card from Leia3404InsideReceiving this in the mail yesterday was a most precious greeting from my granddaughter.  She helped my little 4 year old great granddaughter create this card for us using her prints – foot for Rudolph and fingers for the string of lights.

DGD has been mentioning they have gone to Michael’s a couple of times and let me tell you, that is music to a crafting Granny’s ears.  When I still lived up there she would occasionally come into my craft room to make a card to give to her friend.  So she has the “gene” in there!

Latest Batch with Alcohol and Birds

A batch of cards are ready to take over to the church for the Card Ministry. 

These 3 focus on squares of glossy card stock on which I used alcohol inks.  One is stamped on with Momento and heat set.  Two have dry embossing.  They feature papers found in my scrap bins.

These 4 bird cards feature two rubber stamps of birds.  The left is from Fun Stampers Journey called “Psalms 91:1” AT-0100 and can be found on Kristy’s website.

To create the Bible paper I scanned in the page and printed it.  I distressed with inks by stippling to give it a softer look, rather than the stark white.  The sentiment comes with the set. It’s a very nice set, especially since I enjoy birds.  Another element I used on this set of cards is the Fun Stampers Journey self-piercing die cuts.  Remember I mentioned using scraps from my bin, right?  Notice the Butter Cream bird?  The scallop was already that way, I just stamped the bird and trimmed up.  It was from a die cut from a different project a while back.  Looked interesting so I went with it – lol.

I’ve Gone Cat Crazy

On paper, that is.

What got me started was all the fun I’ve been having with paper piecing Julie Nutting’s Prima dolls.  That started the night of my birthday over at a friend’s house, Kristy led several of us in a class on the how-to with these stamps.  I have made several now.  Then I spotted a card on FB made with this cat stamp and I had to run to my DSP scraps and start making up some of my own.

Here is an actual card I made today with one of these – too adorable for words, right!  The design is inspired by the Splitcoaststampers sketch challenge today.

Even though I was first going for a more solid image when stamping on the patterned paper I made a discovery.  See the blue checked paper bottom right?  The first cat I stamped was on that paper.  Flipped it over and I saw the idea of the cat stamped on the other side.  So I did.

Did you notice the cushion? I hand drew it in, masked it off, and used the Scrip stamp (SS-0069) to add a pattern.  The edge is created with pen and brown pencil.  I also penned the stitching on the zig-zag- strip.

If you too are a fan of this “fat” but fabulous cat, check out my daughter’s store on line – you, too, and “adopt” this darling feline.  Go to the catalogue for item # AT-0160, or “Host a Party” and earn free supplies for the addiction – lol.