Getting Creative with Leftovers

The thought process went like this:

  • make a potato pancake with the leftover mashed potatoes
  • dice up some ham in there
  • what to mix in there? How about some leftover cheese sauce
  • Oh, and coat it in Panko!




I browned it in butter, added some fresh pineapple and, voila!, Breakfast!

Please share your ideas for you own leftovers.

Ceiling Fan is up and working

They started the prep work last night and finished it after lunch today. Isn’t it beautiful? Greg thinks it too big and should go in a dining room. I think it is perfect for my sewing room and I love the huge clear glass lamp.

Donna brought over fixings for salad and I heated up my concoction from the night before. Turned out pretty tasty too. I made a sauce with vegetable broth, onion, garlic, soy sauce-thickened with cornstarch. Then I added lots of mushrooms and a pound of shrimp. Seasoned it with some curry powder and a dash of red pepper flakes. Joe said it was almost like a stroganoff – I guess because of all the mushrooms and browness of the sauce. It was still quite tasty and everyone really liked it (these are people who don’t say they like it to be polite ;)). We had it over brown rice with a side of cooked spinach. Plus Donna’s salad.

While the guys were working, we three girls went to the stamp room to play.

I put this one together to send to a lady from the church I used to work at. Her birthday is the 11th and I let time get away from me.  The white card front is stamped with a background stamp from Impression Obsession and then put through a Tim Holtz folder for tree like texture. The blue (SU bordering blue ink) is also an Impression Obsession stamp. Purely Pomegranate SU paper and ink were used along with SU images.  This isn’t how the design started out. It was one of those design opportunities after a drop of water hit the side.  I made two more cards after everyone left – I really needed time in my rubber room. We have been so busy getting stuff and fixing this and that this week.

We have a new refrigerator with the fancy door gadgets.  My DS was able to hook it up and now I get crushed ice for my water just because I can. The privacy fence has been started. It’s a good thing over all, but I was standing looking out over the new screened in patio toward the canal and I will miss that view. I can’t take photos from that far anyway and I will still have to take my camera down there, so why am I complaining? I can still walk along and look for wildlife. The alligators have long been moved on, but I spot turtles and dragonflies still.

Although it doesn’t affect me, the first day of school is tomorrow!  Pretty early in my opinion.  Next weekend is tax free here and in a total of 20 states.  The idea is to help people with school shopping supplies and clothing. There is a limit: $50 per item on clothes and shoes, $10 per item on school supplies.  Nothing I really need since the paper I want is card stock and scrapbooking paper and I already have enough.