Shrimp with Feta Cheese

Who know how good this combination could be?

The other day on a What’s for Supper thread at A Cherry on Top, a recipe was posted. Two ingredients caught my eye. It stayed with me and I know I would have to try those two ingredients together. I did and even scrapbooked it.

I found some old stash and followed a sketch from Sketch N Scrap. I also took an ACOT challenge to use reds and pinks from my stash in their Use Your Stash Challenge.

This is Sketch #170 from February. I pretty much kept the design, just added my own elements to fit my desire. I stamped an image from Hampton Arts G45 named “Cafe Parisiane 2”. The work on my pocket is also from this set. My title and journaing were done on the computer and printed. I added a FSJ die cut underneath.

Shrimp with Feta

Thanks for stopping in, hope you check out these challenge inspirations. Happy crafting!

Hugs, JA

My last Lindt


They say that all good things must come to an end and today I had a wake-up call. Although I’m ending my day on a sweet note, my day didn’t start well. I had to get up earlier than planned because of beeping. I decided it probably was the smoke detector so got my little step ladder out of the pantry and with a new 9 volt in hand changed the battery. It wasn’t that. On further pin-pointing I discovered it to be the alarm system. And now I can’t get the smoke detector back up right, either I’m just a tad too short or my ladder is. Anyway, the alarm company managed to silence the beeping but a visit is required with a price of $25; the appointment is set for Friday.

On to breakfast for the fur babies and a bowl of crispy rice cereal for me. Weird and as unlikely as it may sound when eating an innocent bowl of cereal, I cracked a tooth. Panic! Scary thing too. As long as the tooth doesn’t get moved around I’m okay, but I can’t chew over there of course. I must brag about the dentist’s staff. When I called with my woe she was not only kind and considerate in tone, but she offered to call another patient to ask if she would move her appointment so I could come in sooner. The sweet patient agreed and I got seen right away. Dr. Richard Leong, btw, is wonderful too!

Why no more candy: Because sugar is so very bad for everything in my life. I have bad teeth and gums because of it, I am over weight because of it. To be fair, these conditions are more because I don’t control my intake. Sugar is so addictive! It’s like a drug, when you have some you crave more and more.

Yes, it tastes good – but nothing compares to having my health. I must lose this extra weight and I must get a healthy mouth.  I have joined a group on my favorite scrapbooking site “Let’s Scrap” where we are dedicated to work on our weight issues by banding together with help and encouragement.  I’m sure I will desire sugar for the rest of my life, and I will most likely cave from time to time.  I do know from precious experience that the craving does get easier with time, the longer one stays off of it, the easier it will be.

Getting healthy isn’t just about not eating sugar, it also requires adequate exercise and sleep.  Portion control with the right foods is a must too.

Enough preaching – do hope I haven’t bored you to tears!  Well, it’s “Goodbye” to my scrumptious, sweet, melt-in-my-mouth delight!  I have a much brighter future in mind!

Two Thumbs Up

Yum! Tried the Chai Latte as5925chaiLatte recommended by my granddaughter and loved it.  Kris was not sure – until she tasted it!  We both love it.  We enjoyed our Chai Latte (from Café Escapes) with our breakfast of scrambled egg and cranberry English muffin.

Last night as we watched Dark Shaddows for the second time, Johnny Depp and the entire crew are such a delight, we sipped a scrumptious Hot Cocoa (Dark Chocolate from Café Escapes).

Can you tell I am reveling in my new Keurig?!

How about you, would you, my fellow bloggers, like to share your heartfelt finds with us?

My surprise – Keurig


Well, lookie here – Kris surprised me this morning with a birthday present.  DSCN5916I must admit I have long admired and wanted this machine, especially after visiting Kara in April, but always just passed on by.  I sent a photo to Kara to let her know of my wonderful joy and she called back.  During our discussion she told me it is only about 61 cents a cup so I don’t feel too guilty when I want a specialty cup.  Kris also got the K-cup which allows me to brew from the loose coffee as well, great for my everyday, usual coffee.  DSCN5921_edited-1

I do have the BESTEST EVER dear daughter!  Thank you my sweet and loving Kristy!  I know you love me and I love you for your heartfelt gift!

See the littles looking on?  They must be wondering what all the commotion is about.

Now off to see what other flavors we can try!  Kara suggested the Chai Latte for one.

Thanksgiving Card Selected in Top 3!

Yippy! It thrills me to announce that my thanksgiving card was selected as a top 3 at The Perfect Sentiment blog

In celebration I am making some cookies.  Ok, I would be making cookies tonight anyway, but it’s a good excuse. I am using the packaged dough, Pillsbury chocolate chip, with diced up bits of Kraft caramels and more Ghirardelli dark chocolate chips (60%).  cookieDSCN4144

I completed the first block for Hope to post a pic tomorrow, or may wait until I make the second one and post them both.

Oh, and I did two demos at work today.  The first was a felt bracelet for the kiddos.  The second a tag using Color Bok paper and Fiskars punch.

A Challenge to Scrap

There is a scrapbook challenge going on at Splitcoast Stampers this weekend.  My weekend has been busy as I prepared for Father’s Day.

After enjoying having Greg and Donna over I signed in and read up on the challenges that were posted through out the weekend.  Let me tell you I am so inspired to scrap!  This is the first one and I decided to go digi so I could actually get it done.  I was to scrap about something that I am passionate about and tell why.

passion foods

Happy Easter 2011

It’s all about the hallelujah – a celebration of our Risen Lord Jesus!

Growing things sometimes just happens for us.  Like this lily that bloomed Saturday.  Gorgeous isn’t it?  DSCN2270lilywebWe noticed something growing in a pot out front that was basically abandoned.  As it continued, I knew it was to be a lily.  It is probably left over from a lily plant from last year, but I don’t know how it works.  What does one do with the lily pot after the flowers are exhausted for the year?  I’m confident I can Google it, and will because I have two more I brought home today after church.

After an uplifting worship service today, I took food over to Larry’s.  Greg and Donna met DD and I here and followed us over.  I served French onion soup as the first course.  Larry had bought a spiral cut ham from Sam’s Club.  I also added baked potatoes with various toppings and broccoli for the meal with the ham.  D & G supplied the fresh DSCN2272dinner2011brewed tea and lemon pound cake.  After conversation – some stimulating and some just fun – we sat out by the pool.   One of us, won’t mention her by name, but it didn’t start with a K or a J, fought sleep and had to be taken home early.  We decided to meet up later in my stamp room.

I am thankful for friends and family.  I am thankful for the example Jesus gave up to love one another – truly and completely.  The three things the angel at the empty tomb said was to not be afraid, to go and tell others He has risen, and that He will be there with us.  This message I wish to remind all who stop by for a read today.  May all of you have a blessed year, full of inner peace that comes from knowing you are a creature of God who loves us all unconditionally. 

I would love for you to leave your personal message of Easter here if you will!  Thanks for popping in.

Well I’m 64

I was a screaming high school girl when the Beatles came to America in ‘64.  Seemed like fun to visit their song to usher in my birthday.  To any of my visitors old enough to remember the Fab Four I offer this video.


After blowing out 64 little candles I served up portions of lemon meringue pie complete with colorful bits of melted wax.  The kids complained of hairless fingers after taking so long to light them all – lovingly of course.  (I can’t believe they actually lit 64!)

Needless to say I was surprised and happy.  Now I am officially 64!  Thanks to DD, DS and friends.

Quiet Thanks

I sincerely wish you, my viewing friends, a happy day today as we celebrate Thanksgiving Day in the USA.  It is always a time to reflect on all we have to be thankful for.  Thoughts range from all I am blessed to enjoy – none of which I hope I ever take for granted.

I prepared a simple meal consisting of a small ham from Publix which I put in the oven for 1 hour and 40 minutes.  I boiled potatoes for mashing and made up a green bean casserole by mixing two cans of beans with a can of cream of celery soup and milk.  Here is the salad I put together.DSCN1747

It is a bed of fresh spinach, sliced tomato, feta cheese and a few bits of pepperoncini.

The afternoon was spent sewing a set of pillow cases.  Here is a photo of the finished set.  I am thinking about making a photo log to share because it is really a cool thing to create for gift giving. DSCN1749