A Monster Pillow

This pillow is for my Great Grand.  The body is made of fleece and stuffed with luxury fiber fill so it is extra soft.  When I was near completion the name came to me.  DD Kristy suggested the beauty mark.  Since my monster has her red lipstick and leopard chiffon the name “Marilyn Monster” fit.  dscn6051tullefloweradded



I embroidered my label on her butt.

Although her eyes didn’t turn out as round as I had envisioned, I hope our little girl will enjoy hugging her anyway.

Speaking of that very precious little girl, her caregiver posted a video of what happened while she was teaching the little ones a song.  The camera was on Leia.  She was doing her obligatory hand movements, but then she spotted her coat.  Over she went, picked it up, attempted to put it on, and headed back across the room in front of Cindy, and to the door.  She was over the dancing and singing.  She wasn’t upset, by any means, just saw what she needed – she knew how it worked: put on you jacket so you could go outside and head home.  It was rewarding to see how her mind works.  At seventeen months she definitely has a mind of her own, and as Kris pointed out what chance did she have of being any different with such a strong willed Gigi, grandmother, and mother!

One last thing, I’d like to give a shout out to my grand daughter by sending a  congratulations on landing a fine position with Bon Secours!  You are a blessing and a young woman who has shown an aptitude for a healing profession since you were four years old.

First Embroidery Design


Even though I haven’t completely figured out the machine I just had to stitch up a design right away. I took the floral piece of scrap because it thought this flower design in the book would look pretty. I selected threads that were close in colors from what I already had. It stitched up so easily. They I was left with what can I actually do with this piece. To use it as an insert in an A-line jumper came to mind, so I drafted the pattern, found fabrics and put together this little dress for my great grand daughter. This is all from supplies on hand.