Hazy Celestial Moment

We were not in the “Totality” area but I was determined to document it nevertheless.

I didn’t have any special glasses, nor did I make a pin-hole box; I really didn’t care if I could actually look into the sun or not.  I was just basking in the excitement of the moment and I have Internet for live feeds of locations where the view was spectacular.


My set-up shot was the pre-eclipse of the sun brightly shining through the tree. Then a broad view of the sky.  The next two shots show a little bit of haze, that is all we got.

It was an odd realization, the slight haze, not sure if it really was from the eclipse or my tired, staring eyes, too hopeful for something to happen.  But, as time passed, it was clear again and I was convinced I had witnessed the haze left by the moon blocking some sun.  Pretty special, as minor as our area experienced, it was real!

As you can see from my backyard, we sure had the perfect weather for viewing, if only we had been directly in the path.  But, alas, I experienced an event closer than I ever will again.

Not to let a perfect day be wasted, we jumped into our swimsuits and drove to the beach.  The water was a bit choppy.  The shore was full of life.  Not many people, just a covering of tiny crabs who reacted to the waves that rushed over them.  There were birds.  Little ones who pecked in the sand and must have been feeding on whatever the tiny crabs were, but there were larger birds who were feeding on the crabs.  There is always a cycle of life going on.


It is pleasing when the temperatures come down at least a little.  I’m tired of the mid nineties.  In fact, the heat during the day does make me tired for real.  We are planning to hit the beach a couple times a week now.  At least for a while.  We can plan a longer stay than we did for “eclipse day”.

All this large scale event experience makes me feel insignificant on the grand scheme of creation.  But, then, I, too, am a creation of God!  This makes me feel very loved.

Thanks for checking in on me today, have a light filled day basking in God’s love everyone!


Joyce Ann


Taking a Hike

My granddaughter and great granddaughter were in the habit of taking exercise just about everyday.  Some walks were shorter, but most were rather hearty.  There is a nice part down the road from their apartment complex.  She said it’s about a mile or so.  By the time one winds their way out of the complex I suspect it is certainly well into the “so” portion of the estimation.  The next day after I arrived I gladly joined the walks.

To my surprise Tiny Tot rides her bicycle.  I feared one of us would be pushing the bike home while the other carried the little one.  Not so!  She is a tuffy for sure.

There were talks about nature as we went along and several stops to pick a wildflower.  Soon, though, she had to be convinced to stop and look, but leave them,  She realized they were always withered by the end of the walk when she picked them and placed them in her basket.

Here is a layout I did with those first photos.

It went quickly because I was lifting a page done by a scrapper on Splitcoast stampers a while back.  I selected papers from my scrap bin for the squares.  Before placing anything, though, I spattered ink with a toothbrush.  Digging into the stash bags I found the word pieces and tags.  The yellow strips are K&Co I think.  It’s all a hodge podge of companies.  I did do some stamping.  The bottom left panel is a Fun Stampers Journey stamp, so is the little yellow saying near the top (which is hard to see-should have used a darker ink).  The bottom tag says “19 days to “D” day”, meaning until baby will be born.  She stayed healthy by walking, eating right, even going to the gym a couple times a week.  She is one awesome young lady, I’m very proud of my granddaughter.

Thanks for stopping by!

Stay happy by staying crafty!


Sunshine and Rain

There is splendor in both types of weather.  Here in Florida we are no stranger to these mercurial changes.

January 3rd WatermarkDSC_1297_edited-2WatermarkDSC_1298_edited-2

These was taken with my telephoto lens through my bedroom window glass.  I love this shot.  Our yard was overtaken by all these beautiful birds.  Here is another shot where he is all fluffed out.  Capturing these shots under the branch in the rain is a treasure.

January 4th

DSC_1305One could not have asked for a more perfect day in Florida!  The clear skies and our Grand Ole Flag waving it’s message in the gentle breeze.  While walking around outside I spotted this additional sign and had to walk over and snap it too.DSC_1304

  • Yes, I’m in Florida!  And it’s winter, right?  Well, it’s January, and “winter” some place else.

A Good Day in June

It’s been a good day.

Fortunately it dawned on me that I had a meeting, this being Thursday.  I really wanted to go to the beach when I woke up this morning.  My phone said no chance of rain.

I was called on at my Toastmaster’s meeting to respond to a “Table Topics” prompt.  By default.  The fourth and final person was to be the woman sitting to my left but she declined so I was on the spot.  Since the theme for today’s meeting was Chicken and Eggs my topic was to give a one to two minute speech on why one should not vandalize with eggs.  No planning of course, I was just to respond.  I wish I had not been so nervous and remembered to just breathe, but I got through it, unfortunately I missed my goal of at least 1 minute.  The amazing thing is, I was voted as the best speech of the four table topics speeches and won a ribbon. Can I get a “Yeah”?

First thing this morning, with the beautiful day ahead of me, I wanted to go to the beach.  So I packed my swimsuit and headed over to the ocean after my TM meeting.  Now it was lunch and I spotted my new favorite lunch place on the way – Dunkin Donut!  I have been loving the grilled cheese with bacon.  No donut though, another “yeah” for me!

Everyone had the same idea of making this a beach day, but it was still great.  I took a walk, much needed after all the calories, rather than sit in the sand.  Down the shore, away from the crowd, a fisherman had a bird ( I think it is a crane) keeping him company.WP_20150604_007_edited-1

(Fisherman not shown)  As I approached, he told me what a nuisance they are.  They pester him for his bait or try to steal his catch.  Later, I spotted an adorable crab at water’s edge.  My photos just didn’t turn out, he was shy and chose to bury himself when I got too close.  Still not wanting to sit in the sand, I went back up, found a table and read for awhile.  It was a bit windy for that and I really wanted to get back home to my latest scrapbook layout.WP_20150604_019

This is the view from my table.  Such a gorgeous day!  Once home, I’m not sure if my legs feel tight when I stretch them from the sun or the walk.  Either way, the sun and the exercise was wonderful.

Here is my finished scrapbook page.  The challenge was to use “2 different size pictures, at least 2 different size shapes and at least 2 different colors”.

This background paper has been in my drawer forever and since I was going with a “flower” theme it was time to pull it out and make the most of it.

I’d had the idea of using the Spellbinders die for the small photo.  Then I added two more cut from patterned paper, backed with the solid shape and all anchored with the ric-rac stems.  I put embroidery floss around the flowers for embellishment.  The two ribbons are from Fun Stampers Journey as are the stamped images.  The new Kit of the Month came in yesterday and last night I HAD to use then on this page.  To make them stand out I used black embossing powder on the FSJ Banana Cream card stock.  Speaking of that choice, it is part of the color scheme I chose – yellow, pink, and green.  So, not only do I have die cuts as a shape, but I punched some flowers in two different sizes as well.

I wish now I had printed the words I wrote and pasted them on instead of the handwriting.

Hope your day is as marvelous as mine!  Thanks for stopping by!

The First Egg


It is so pretty!  What a delightful surprise when Kristy went out to check the coop before we left for the beach this morning.

Then when we came home from the beach . . . DSCF1327

So,  which two of our girls laid these?  So delicate and small, and beautiful!

Trouble in the Hen House

Houston, we have a problem!  Moon Goddess may need a name change. DSCN7745


Notice the more poof of the top of the head?  According to the research I have found, this is a sure sign that we have a rooster in our midst.

Not that we could ever stop loving HIM it’s just that we don’t want him hanging out with the laying hens.  It would be hard to eat an egg knowing it might have been fertilized.  We can’t let the girls nest because we can’t have more chickens.  So what to do, what to do?!

My Speck of Planet Earth

That’s the theme for my DT challenge at Let’s Scrap today.  Players will have 2 weeks to post their layout in my challenge.  It’s all about scraping what is around us in the neighborhood, not just when we go on vacation or the people at home.  Here I’ve presented views of the front and back of my property.  Each of the 4 directions – front/back, east/west – were printed and pasted on the photos.  Others are just fillers to add to the feel of the area.DSCN7418_edited-1


My dragonfly was stamped twice.  I cut an extra set of wings.

My base is Handsome Hunter.   Top strip is Stampin’ Up! and I can’t remember where the bottom strip is from. The wavy lined panel is Graphic 45.  I cut the border with a Creative Memories border punch system.  SU paper clip – I actually thought it was a house while viewing it in the box, once I got it out and handled it I realized it was an arrow – I used it anyway.DSCN7419_edited-1

The title letters were cut with Cricut, the flower is washi tape with a SU punched flower.  More washi tape to give it a bit more embellishment since I had so little on this layout.

Perhaps someday my speck of planet earth will be populated, today it is not.

I hope you will come a scrap your speck of planet earth and share it with us.

Step, Twist, Pull and Pop

Oh, I am so in love with my new tool I just bought at Lowe’s today!

I have prickly weeds that pop up in the yard that are a bear to dig out.  I now have found the most amazing tool so I don’t have to dig around the weed to get far enough below it where I can grab it and pull it out without getting pricked by it’s nastyness.

Check this out!DSCN7047

This is so totally easy – position it over the weed, step it into the ground, twist the bar handle, pull up and PRESTO! the weed is out.  To get it off your stick just pop the poll between the handle bars and out it comes, easy peesy!DSCN7045DSCN7046

No, I’m not affiliated with the company, but I just had to share in case there is a friend who could benefit from this marvelous tool.

Truly a good day it has been.  After hitting Kristy’s doctor appointment first thing this morning, I dropped of the lawn mower for repair.  From there we shopped at Tractor Supply, Lowe’s, and Walmart.  Once home we did some more work in the yard, in the area where Kris is planning a flower bed.  In the canal behind us we confiscated rocks for the bed perimeter.  It’s exhausting, all this physical labor, but it is so pretty outside it is just a shame to not be outside.

Chicken Coop is Built

But the girls aren’t allowed to stay out there after dark.DSCN6967

At one point last night when the three pups were let outside for a potty break, they created an awful ruckus.  Kris grabbed the flashlight and looked in the direction of the extreme barking.  There, pressed up against the fence was a opossum, trying real hard to look inconspicuous.  Of course the chicks were not out, since the coop hadn’t been built yet, and we brought their box back into the kitchen rather than leaving them in the screen-in room.  I didn’t trust the critter, I feared it would try to break though our screen!

I had a decent time of putting this together.  Then Greg came over to help with the roof and the nesting box.DSCN6963


Isn’t our little coop cute?!  The girls enjoyed it for an hour or so this afternoon.