Footed Box with Tags – G45

A friend told me about a class she was signed up for with Annette Green to make a box with Graphic 45 Flutter pack. Sounded great!

The class was a week ago and it was thrilling to make!

So fun to play with all the pieces. We had instructions to follow and I only made one minor change – I did not put the image of the bee on one of the tags since my DD has a very real problem with such insects. We had drawings during the class and near the end my ticket was drawn to approach the table is choose from the prizes remaining. I picked the beach cards pack.

And here I am with our dear teacher, Annette, showing off my grand prize! Wow, so surprised and so happy – I love that pack “Botanical Tea”!

The Word Made Flesh -WORD

Fr. Jeremiah has started a class on the Gospel of John – The Word Made Flesh, a Study of the Book of John.

It is starting out to be an in-depth and enriching study.  Father Jeremiah is a beautiful teacher and is rich in knowledge and understanding of the languages from which the texts came from that produced this beautiful book of the Holy Word of God.  Our lessons will unfold throughout the rest of this school year.

I will not write about the lessons, but hope to share more Bible Art Journaling as I am inspired to create.  Not only will this be an eye-opening study for me but I hope to explore my desire to both write, perhaps essays, and do some art to expand my creativity.

The opening of this book is so touching and beautiful!  I encourage you to explore the deeper meaning of what John tells us by his prologue – “In the beginning was the Word”. WORD_2659

How To Use this Sketch

Wednesday is card sketch day on Splitcoaststampers. I am enamored by the one posted today.

The only way I could think to reproduce this was to trace the sections and cut them out individually.  A little time consuming, bordering on frustrating to get all the curves right so they fit together.

I developed a short cut eliminating half the curved cuts.

DSCN2870_edited-1 I prepared by placing my original templates on larger pieces allowing half of the cuts to overlap it’s next piece.  I have only 3 curved cuts now.

Piece 1 is curved and will lay on top of piece 2 that has no curved cuts and can be a rectangle only.  The curve of piece 3 will lay on top of piece 2, and the curve of piece 4 will lay on top of piece 3.

Normally a very frugal person, I admit I have some waste here, but worth it I’m sure you will agree – lol.J-2868_Merry

This is the first card I did with my individually cut pieces – 5 cut curves.  I cut only 3 pieces of paper and pasted them to the cream card, on which I had heat embossed the image.  The sentiment was also heat embossed, cut out, edges inked with Green Olive from Fun Stampers Journey and popped up with Journey foam squares.

The stamp set is from Fun Stampers Journey found here by Kristy.  They are a really cool new stamp and die company, worth checking out.

I am looking forward to making more cards from this sketch!

I Taught a Knitting Class

I was asked at the last minute yesterday to teach a knitting 101 class to kids today.  The original teacher canceled at the last minute.  So since I crochet they asked me if I could do it.  I did it once when Kris was a baby.  I friend had taught me and I didn’t enjoy it so I went back to crocheting.  Then, 8 or 9 years ago Kara asked me to teach her how to knit so I pulled info off the Internet and got her started.  Was this any different?  So I said I would because I really wanted to teach.  The instructor’s directions were printed and given to me.  I borrowed a pair of needles from a friend and I already have plenty of yarn.  I tried following the instructions.  Today there is no reason to suffer, struggle or fret – I went to YouTube.  With I bit of trial I learned what I hoped would be enough.

Morning came and so did my 3 little girls: two ages 8 and one 13.  They were sweet and nice girls too.  I was thankful for that.  I really didn’t need a smarty pants one with a mouth if I couldn’t pull it off.  Right off I started the class with one of those pep talks you see the warriors in the movies give the army when they are about to go into battle.  It energized us all and away we went. 

It turned out amazingly well.  They all learned the basics beautifully and were casting on, knitting, and binding off by the end of the three hour class.  I was exhilarated!  I can’t wait to teach another class.  I do have 3 scheduled for September and October which are paper crafting related, one I wrote.  Maybe I will get to fill in again before then.