A is for Attitude Layout

I’ve had a fun time gathering goodies to make this layout today.  I’ve followed 3 different challenges for my inspiration.  I’ve used some of my favorite Paper and stamps from Fun Stampers Journey.J_0634_Attitude

Challenge #1 – Scrap Our Stash  This challenge is to create a layout and include an item from your stash for each letter in the word B.R.A.D.S.  My items are Buttons, Resin flower, Airplane paper clip, Die cuts, Stamp (not just a rubber stamp but the image is a stamp too.

Challenge #2 – Picture This  Our challenge for June is to use 2 pictures + banners + flags.  I have used dies from Fun Stampers Journey to create my flags and cut a little banner over the top corner.  I tied some twine on one over the flags. There are some old papers used, mixed with some not so old.

Challenge #3 – Rochelle Spears June Tic Tac Toe  This was fun to choose which three panels of the challenge board I would use.  I selected the bottom row: Summer Theme, Mixed Alphas, Buttons.  I selected this photos of Leia in the green grass and a tank top playing and posing for the camera as she twirled and had a sweet time. I used one Alpha stamp, then wrote the rest of the letters by hand using cursive and print – mixed, right?!


Big Z for the Day

On a Splitcoast challenge we were encouraged to do a scrap-lift of something we had “pinned” from Pinterest.  Here is the page I chose for my inspiration:

I chose to do my photo collage with the Lea France stencil “Seventeen”.  Any stencil would work, except for the curved line ones I think.  I used the Fun Stampers Journey circle piercing dies for the letter “O”.  I added the center circles back in, reversing them for fun.    I hand beaded the strips, my only embellishment.  I kept the photo assortment for this page of my family, rather than the animals we were viewing.

National Scrapbook Offerings 2015

I’ve neglected to post on a frequent basis again.  A while back I vowed to post a few times a week.  Starting again, I thought I’d share the latest scrapbook pages done for challenges at Splitcoast Stampers for the Virtual Scrapbook Night during National Scrapbook month.  Now that it was last month (May), I have probably made all the pages I am going to do for those challenges.  Having my Tiny Tot here was a blessing but it was nearly impossible to get any crafting done.

The challenge for this page was to scrap-lift one of fellow scrappers Wendy who is a digital scrapper.  This is Wendy’s page…

With my photos being paper instead of digital, the size is quite off, but I tried to follow her layout idea and I even used close colors. The stamps I used are from Fun Stampers Journey, TH, and Stampin’ Up!  Notice that I used starfish for Wendy’s stars?

Sundial 3 Joyce

The challenge for this page of Tiny Tot’s mother in high school was to create using school colors.  I used a Lea France stencil and put this together quick and easy, so fun.  I had to use ric-rac, washi tape too.  The stamped cheerleader is in a set from Stampin’ Up!.  I heat embossed the “It’s a Cheer Thing”.  The colors are blue, green and white for the school. I have a serious problem seeing colors at night in my dining room, so the background card stock isn’t as blue as first thought.  Letters from Cricut.

Very fun to research for the challenge on the emotion of color, I found out Goethe did something of interest.  I printed out a part of his article on yellow paper, cut the letters from Cricut Hello Kitty cartridge, and told the story of how Leia thinks the DD is much better here.  Her grandma and I make it a celebration, that’s why!

Now that she has been swished away by her parents, I shall begin to scrap some of the many photos I took of her this past month!

Three and a Half Weeks

Welcome to the family!

That’s not very long compared to a lifetime.  Already you are loved.  Your arrival is greatly anticipated with hearts full of joy and love.  I’m pretty excited to learn our new Gonzalez is expected to arrive around my birthday.

Here is the photo of big sister.Baby On the Way Book Oh, I love this precious “Big Sister”!  And I love her mommy. And I love her new daddy! And I love our new “Baby on the Way”!

Tiny Tot with a Braid

Her mommy did a sweet job of putting her hair up in a braid.  So tender and sweetly, she accommodated me with some photos.J_0170_Braid

I used a Splitcoast Stampers challenge to create this page.  The challenge is to go back to last January’s gallery and pick a page to scrap-lift.  I chose one by Lela. 010114_Stash14Jan1_by_Lmn copy Hopefully it is easy enough to see the resemblance, as the differences are obvious.  I have the three small photos vertical but overall placement is still fairly close.

Since Lela used lots of washi tape I jumped on that and used some.  Back when that stuff became the current crafting rage I had to have it too.  I probably have over 20 rolls and tried my best to add some that would sort of go with this page.  Granted that rooster doesn’t, but it is sweet and reminiscent of a gentle romantic time.  All papers are from old stash.  An interesting note about that solid pink base: it is the flip side of a patterned paper, and I had cut a 2 x 4 inch piece off the end of it.  After evening it up, I cut into the paper about two inches.  Then I took a 2 and a half strip of the pink hearts pattern and taped it on the two sides of the solid, making a complete 12 by 12 inch base.  The diagonal stripe strip is the reverse of the hearts print.  I struggled with finding enough pinks, as pink isn’t popular among my collection of papers.  So many of the layouts that I have scrapped of Tiny Tot have not been pink.  Here, I wanted to go with the accent of the pink in her shirt.  Instead of my usual blues or greens, and the yellows just didn’t work this time, I managed to come up with enough pinks.

The day was overcast but still enough light to have a shoot.  The bottom right photo is shot indoors.  My new camera is so nice because  of the ability to allow enough light in and work the shutter fast enough for a moving child.

Yes, January 3rd and wearing shorts and a tank top!

Lantern Treats on Scrapbook Layout



My challenge was to follow a sketch from Splitcoast Stampers.

My choice of photos are these from last year’s JCPenney photo shoot.

My embellishments came from the Lantern Treats Fun Stampers Journey stamp set and the Cricut cartridge Art Nouveau.

I love how this stamp set was perfect in gold embossing for the Asian feel of the photos, even made a nifty little journaling block for the date.

This page didn’t need much of a title, so I cut out the one word.  The koi is a nice touch, simple and just a little something.

Glass Slippers Acquired

Oh yeah!  Finally found the “glass slippers” for Tiny Tot.  DSCN1418

On a trip to Michael’s for necessities Laughing out loud, Kris spotted the shoe store in the shopping center.  Might as well give it a shot.  One pair of “glass slippers” aka Jelly Pop.  The only pair. One size too big, but, hey, three year olds grow so quickly.  Finding them was a relief, finding the “princess” shoes was a delightful surprise.

Mommy and daughter were on their way out the door, so I apologize for the pics not being too clear.  And neither of them were in the best of mood today, not wise to push too hard for more photo time.

It’s hard on the mommy trying to juggle college, a demanding job, and a strong little genius.  Her disposition isn’t anything close to positive either, unless you consider getting up in the morning thinking “today is going to positively suck” a positive attitude.  I look at her and think how confused she is and that she has such a long way to go before she can stop “trying” to find happiness and just be happy with what is.  Not that she should accept things as bad, and give up, but to look for the ray of sunshine in the little storms that are bound to be present in everyone’s life.

I have adopted the mantra, or I subscribe to a quote by Gaucho Marks, about choosing to be happy as soon as I wake up in the morning.  My choice.  Hard choice.

Ice Princess Night

The one food with at least some nourishment, or some protein opposed to just sugar and flour, that we can count on for feeding Leia is chicken nuggets.  (I try for the grilled ones when I can.)  So, after a morning of errand running we stopped in at Chick-fil-a before heading home for her nap time.  That led to us returning with her mother that evening for the event.

Fairy Tales 2 Joyce

This coincided with the need to make something with a new Lea France stencil.  Although this themed stencil works for the subject, using the photos I took that night do not look as lovely as I was hoping for.  I’m not sure the distinctive shapes being used for the full photo is the best avenue.  (I did do another page that works a lot better that I will share with you later.)

What are your feelings about this latest phenomenon from Disney?  I am over joyed with it!  I can’t say it relates to anything, nor do I find it a wonderful life statement, and maybe the music, being catching and appealing, isn’t better than any other ‘best’ Disney has produced.  It’s just enjoyable.

It also happens to be the first movie Leia say in a movie theater.  Her mother, father, and I were amazed at how perfectly she sat through the whole thing – she was 2 and a half!  Oh, and she didn’t sleep either.

Back to the night in the restaurant, they had a face painting station, a craft table where the child got to color on and paste on her very own snowman from a paper plate.  Then there were the photo opts with the two characters from the movie, as well as the “Cow Princess” for Chick-fil-a.  How silly, but how fun.

Even though eating out isn’t the healthiest option for our children or ourselves, I can’t help but be happy about what we did.  It was a very fun evening watching Leia enjoy the event.  There will be times together, but we sure need to grab them when we can.  How quickly they grow, and we never can get any of our moments in life back.


The Search for Glass Slippers

So she comes out of her room  ready to go shopping and I have to snap her picture.DSCN1370_edited-1

We promised to take her to Target to look for Princess Glass Slippers.  I was hoping to find a little pair of those Gellys, the soft plastic shoes that I’m not sure is still made.  Clear, of course.  With high hopes we set out on our mission.

The shoe department did have a pair of clear plastic shoes with a Cinderella picture on them.  Stiff plastic that turned out to be too uncomfortable to walk in.  We had wisely let her walk in them a little, that way I didn’t have to spend the 20 dollars to have them sit in the closet or toy box unworn.

In the Dollar Isle we spotted a package of pink heels with a splash of boa feathers on top for $3 and took them home.  Once home I opened the plastic.  Her tiny feet were way too small and it was very difficult for her to walk in them.  Every step she took we were ready to jump up to catch her but she didn’t fall.  She finally decide to move on, thankfully, and play with something else.  After all, the attention span of a three year old will only hold for so long.  It ended up that the mission was totally unsuccessful in regards to finding glass slippers for the princess.  However that doesn’t mean she has forgotten her quest for those glass slippers.