A Productive Weekend

On Saturday I started 7 scrapbook pages.  That’s because I spent 3 or 4 days putting together photos and papers with which to do some layouts.  I can’t say I did much else during the 5 hours I was at my first crop but I learned I prefer home.  With all the women chattering away with no off switch I needed the silence and had to pack up and go.  Actually, I don’t think there was anything else I was going to do with the photos and papers I had packed, I needed to concentrate (in quiet) on what I could add to the pages.  There was no way I could have packed enough because I just couldn’t have anticipated the direction I should go with the pages.

It’s all good, because now I can say I’ve attended a scrapbook crop.

Once home, with access to my supplies, I did finish 2 of the pages Saturday night.

I like the use of the Fun Stampers Journey background stamp of leaves here.


The unique thing with this layout is the Exacto knife I took to the branches of the Christmas Tree printed on the paper.  These photos were especially special to me because my granddaughter how put Tiny Tot in the “Scrapbook” shirt.  They had just finished putting up their tree.  Also, this page was done as a “lift” of a layout on Scrapbook.com, so it was actually fun to try to find elements to add here.  I enjoy finding something for inspiration, like someone’s page, to work with.  I think lifts and sketches take me out of my run of the mill designs. and I really enjoy the creation process.J-3504_KrisFalls

Here is another lift that I am very excited about.  I really enjoyed the stamping.  I left this over night, feeling it wasn’t quite complete.  My inspiration came the next morning (Sunday morning) bright and early before rising to use those white flowers on that one bottom right side that didn’t feel complete.  I stamped the center of the flowers, and put a rhinestone brad of pale pink.

Two of these pages are the start of working the photos from DD and friend’s vacation in NC recently.  It’s a symbiotic relationship  Kris provides me with paper and stamps, I make the scrapbook pages – lol


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