Bell Pepper

After hearing this story my granddaughter relayed to us recently, I knew I would have to make a scrapbook page.  Here it is.  Although there were no photos of the real event, I took one because I thing it is more fun to have a photo on the page.

The papers are from an old K and Company pad.  The stamped words on the left and the figure on the right are stamps from Fun Stampers Journey.

If you are having trouble seeing the words, here they are:

What is a busy mom to do when she finds one of the peppers she purchased earlier that day has a really nasty bad spot?                                                                                        This was tonight’s dinner.                                                                                                 There is no substitution.                                                                                                        Her course of action:                                                                                                              1. Take it back to the store.                                                                                                    2. Demand my money back.                                                                                                  3. And a new pepper!                                                                                                         She doesn’t have time to walk her tired, pregnant self thru the produce, with an inquisitive 4 year old in tow, then wait in line to pay again. Dinner needs to be finished for a hungry Navy husband and one previously mentioned 4 year old.                                                  Knowing my granddaughter as I do, I can understand how the manager, called over to help the attending clerk, had no choice but to accommodate this little determined person he saw standing firm before him.                                                                                          Later hubby asks, “Is that even legal?”


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