Opportunity to grow.

That’s what I see for this new year.

Even though we can “turn over a new leaf” any day of the year there just seems to be more power attached to the pronouncement if it is at the beginning of a new year.

Last year was a time of “turning a corner” in my thinking, putting me firmly on a new path to improvement.  Although I’ve always know certain maxims, and the psychology relating to them that strive to lead us to new endeavors of improvement, I believe I need to make my own so I can have deeply felt mantras, so to speak.  I have to believe I can grow.  I have to have clearly defined paths, simple steps, to follow. I have to know what didn’t work, what was unpleasant, so I can visualize better actions.

Turning a corner also means not being able to see what is behind me.  I acknowledge what I did wrong, the actions that opened me to unhappy thoughts.  Those thoughts now serve the purpose of identifying the negative thought patterns and the physical activities that I need to change.  Boom.  That’s all.  Let the past go.

This is my time to be happy.  It is within my reach.  I am already flexing my new muscles.  I am becoming the person I want to be.  I am turning into the true Joyce.


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