Do Your Feet Cramp?

I felt like testing my willpower this evening so I drove over to Michaels.  I also had a hot-off-the-printer coupon for 40% off.  I actually did quite well with my willpower test and only Michaels060615bought what I went for in the first place.  We needed more Xyron sticker tape – 40 % off.  With a 40% off on beads I wanted to pick up some to go with the page I’m starting to work on tonight.  I looked over the Jolees stickers but non appealed to me, would rather use stamps and make my own anyway.

So, I really didn’t stay in there long, but by the time I was ready for the check-out line my feet were starting to cramp.  Once in the car the cramps were in full force.

It seems over the last years this was happening to my feet, especially when I walk and stand too much, like shopping in Michaels.

My daughter did some research and found a formula that was supposed to help.  She mixed the Essential oils in a base of coconut oil and gave the jar to me.  For the past several months I was rubbing my feet after bath and before bed.  All the time.  Then, the past several days I slacked off to the tune of nothing in the past 3 or 4 days at all.

I am a believer all over again.  This stuff works!  As soon as I got home, let the doggies out, I put on the oil (and socks, since I’m not ready for bed yet).  The stuff isn’t a magic potion, so it takes time.  I’m not standing on my feet so I’m not getting the strong cramps right now anyway.  I do know now from experience that the herbs and extracts work.  In fact everything she has told me about has made a big difference.

If you have other remedies, I’d love to hear them.  If you want to learn more about my oil, just ask.

Off to work on a scrapbook layout now!  Thanks for stopping by.


3 thoughts on “Do Your Feet Cramp?

    • A bar of soup, huh? So maybe Dove, or better yet, Irish Spring to put a “spring” in my step! Haha, thanks Cindy for commenting.

  1. I’m a big believer in essential oils. I use them too and LOVE them. They help with backaches, headaches and also help ward off colds too. On a side note, can I ask how you like your xyron machine? I’m thinking about purchasing one. 🙂

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