How Did it Know?

I’m standing in the dining room, getting ready to leave and my phone “dings” me.  It was like my wake up alarm only I had turned it off a good while back.  I look at my phone and it says “according to current traffic conditions it is time to leave for the airport”.  How did it know that?!  It calculated this from the info it had on me.  I had put the time and location in my Calendar.  It knew that I needed to be at the airport at a specific time and now the phone was reminding me how many minutes it would take me to arrive, so I better get going.  I was amazed.  Fortunately we made it to the airport, just like my phone wanted me to do.

Here is a tip if you are planning to travel by air: don’t wear a sparkly top.  It apparently will put the metal detector computers in overload and invite an unwanted pat-down!

Have a marvelous day and thanks for popping in!


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