Two Years Plus in the Making

In 2012 I joined an online class called Block of the Month at  Vowing to use up my scraps, I chose a cut of fabric that would be large enough to make a border, eventually, and that had colors that appealed to me.  Then, I went through my never-ending stash for pieces matching those colors. (I do confess to buying just a small amount of extra – but I was good, really!)

Each month I eagerly watched the videos by Amy Gibson, downloaded and cut out my patterns, and put together my twelve inch blocks.  There were two per month actually.

Here is where the time lapse comes in: making sure the sizes of each block was true, cutting and sewing the white strips, arranging the blocks into rows, ripping them out and rearranging them again, finding the right green fabric for the backing and final border.  Finally I was ready to have it quilted.  I chose to go the professional route because of the time and skill required to complete a bed sized quilt; doing it myself wasn’t worth the money I would pay.

After calling around I chose this local quilt shop owner.  I knew she was trustworthy, and there would not be any disappointments in her workmanship.  I was not disappointed!  Boutique 4 Quilters did a beautiful job, and I must comment that she isn’t the cause of my long delay.  Once I got it back I added the binding.  I machine sewed the strips on one side, and hand stitched the other edge by hand.  This is something I really enjoy.  While waiting for Kristy to take a class in Orlando I sat in Wawa’s parking lot and worked on it.  The final stitches were made in the living room with my Ott light on and Mia in my lap.  Mia is known for sitting in my lap, especially when there is a quilt in it also, but for the most part I kept her off my lap during this process for obvious “sharp” reasons.  However, when it came down to the last small section she was not being deterred.  I actually tried to push her off and she stretched and rolled with my effort but, alas, held her ground.DSC_0284_edited-1

Taking advantage of a sunny day, I asked, or begged, Kristy and Patti to come outside with me and hold it up.  Thank you Kristy and Patti!DSCN9859

In the end, the blocks that were not so perfect still look good to me now.  This will be a cozy quilt to cuddle under, just ask Mia!


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