What is Under Your Sink?

From bad situations, good can come.

Saturday night I tried the sliced potato recipe from a recent Facebook post.  I knew better, but that didn’t stop me from allowing the potato shavings in the sink.  I would just give the disposal a good workout.  Instead, I had the workout.  When the disposal side of the sink wouldn’t go down, even though the grinder was working, I had to let it sit over night as I anticipated what options I had: new disposal? service call?.

There is good news with the conclusion of the problem of the drain not being a septic back up – thankfully.  Once I had checked Youtube and gathered my tools, I pulled out all the containers and “stuff” from under the sink.  The task of removing the pipes wasn’t too hard, but I did have to get Kara to turn one of the seals for me, my wrench wasn’t the right size and for the most part I was able to twist the rings.  I don’t really know what those plastic rings are called that tighten around the connection of the two pipes.  It’s awkward for an old lady with vertigo to get under the disposal, but I didn’t want the expense of a service call if this was something I could accomplish myself.  I had to lie on my back, with my head looking up to reach one of the disposal screws; just had to wait until the dizziness subsided.

Sure enough, when I pulled the piece of pipe off, there was the batch of potato peels stuck in there.  Very little water to contend with since I had let it drain, so it was caught in the towel without a problem.

Now, with all the supplies from under the sink out, I could see what we had stored under there.  A few items were immediately pitched, like spray cans with rusted bottoms, and of no use anymore.  I relocated a small collection of fish bowl cleaning supplies since I haven’t had a fish for a year or two.  With a new plastic tray to hold the smaller bottles and the larger ones in order, it will be easier to see and reach my supplies.

This is the good that came – an organized space under the sink!


One thought on “What is Under Your Sink?

  1. Thank you for reminding me Joyce. I’ve had to contend with several disposal malfunctions. So every now and then, I squirt soap on the blades, run it, and let the water run through. I was advised to add a half a lemon and grind to clear the smell and clean the blades. I’ve even taken the garden hose with a high pressure attachment and squirted it down there….

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