Ice Princess Night

The one food with at least some nourishment, or some protein opposed to just sugar and flour, that we can count on for feeding Leia is chicken nuggets.  (I try for the grilled ones when I can.)  So, after a morning of errand running we stopped in at Chick-fil-a before heading home for her nap time.  That led to us returning with her mother that evening for the event.

Fairy Tales 2 Joyce

This coincided with the need to make something with a new Lea France stencil.  Although this themed stencil works for the subject, using the photos I took that night do not look as lovely as I was hoping for.  I’m not sure the distinctive shapes being used for the full photo is the best avenue.  (I did do another page that works a lot better that I will share with you later.)

What are your feelings about this latest phenomenon from Disney?  I am over joyed with it!  I can’t say it relates to anything, nor do I find it a wonderful life statement, and maybe the music, being catching and appealing, isn’t better than any other ‘best’ Disney has produced.  It’s just enjoyable.

It also happens to be the first movie Leia say in a movie theater.  Her mother, father, and I were amazed at how perfectly she sat through the whole thing – she was 2 and a half!  Oh, and she didn’t sleep either.

Back to the night in the restaurant, they had a face painting station, a craft table where the child got to color on and paste on her very own snowman from a paper plate.  Then there were the photo opts with the two characters from the movie, as well as the “Cow Princess” for Chick-fil-a.  How silly, but how fun.

Even though eating out isn’t the healthiest option for our children or ourselves, I can’t help but be happy about what we did.  It was a very fun evening watching Leia enjoy the event.  There will be times together, but we sure need to grab them when we can.  How quickly they grow, and we never can get any of our moments in life back.



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