Glass Slippers Acquired

Oh yeah!  Finally found the “glass slippers” for Tiny Tot.  DSCN1418

On a trip to Michael’s for necessities Laughing out loud, Kris spotted the shoe store in the shopping center.  Might as well give it a shot.  One pair of “glass slippers” aka Jelly Pop.  The only pair. One size too big, but, hey, three year olds grow so quickly.  Finding them was a relief, finding the “princess” shoes was a delightful surprise.

Mommy and daughter were on their way out the door, so I apologize for the pics not being too clear.  And neither of them were in the best of mood today, not wise to push too hard for more photo time.

It’s hard on the mommy trying to juggle college, a demanding job, and a strong little genius.  Her disposition isn’t anything close to positive either, unless you consider getting up in the morning thinking “today is going to positively suck” a positive attitude.  I look at her and think how confused she is and that she has such a long way to go before she can stop “trying” to find happiness and just be happy with what is.  Not that she should accept things as bad, and give up, but to look for the ray of sunshine in the little storms that are bound to be present in everyone’s life.

I have adopted the mantra, or I subscribe to a quote by Gaucho Marks, about choosing to be happy as soon as I wake up in the morning.  My choice.  Hard choice.


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