The Search for Glass Slippers

So she comes out of her room  ready to go shopping and I have to snap her picture.DSCN1370_edited-1

We promised to take her to Target to look for Princess Glass Slippers.  I was hoping to find a little pair of those Gellys, the soft plastic shoes that I’m not sure is still made.  Clear, of course.  With high hopes we set out on our mission.

The shoe department did have a pair of clear plastic shoes with a Cinderella picture on them.  Stiff plastic that turned out to be too uncomfortable to walk in.  We had wisely let her walk in them a little, that way I didn’t have to spend the 20 dollars to have them sit in the closet or toy box unworn.

In the Dollar Isle we spotted a package of pink heels with a splash of boa feathers on top for $3 and took them home.  Once home I opened the plastic.  Her tiny feet were way too small and it was very difficult for her to walk in them.  Every step she took we were ready to jump up to catch her but she didn’t fall.  She finally decide to move on, thankfully, and play with something else.  After all, the attention span of a three year old will only hold for so long.  It ended up that the mission was totally unsuccessful in regards to finding glass slippers for the princess.  However that doesn’t mean she has forgotten her quest for those glass slippers.


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