Starting Over

I’ve severely neglected my blog.

My excuse is that life got in the way, but isn’t that why I started blogging in the first place?  Life getting in the way is what living is all about, so therefore not an excuse for not blogging.

Two benefits come from the discipline of blogging regularly.  The first is important and the second is supercilious.  Creating a blog post in the first place takes an effort to HAVE something to post about whether interesting or not.  It requires a deeper thought process or for me it does.  Taking a hard look beyond the surface of what is happening in my regular and uninteresting daily life can be eye opening.  At least for me the writer, not being pretentious enough to think anyone could care about the thoughts of the likes of simple me.  But, I care, I have to care about what I think and who I am.  The other idea behind the blog is to share whatever craft project I’m currently completing.  That notion was to be my motivation to actually keep up with my crafting so I could have something to share.  My crafting has become sporadic however.  I confess that I have still enjoyed the little bit of paper crafting, the scrapbook pages I’ve made especially for Lea France, and the dresses I’ve sewn for my Leia.

So returning to blogging allows me to explore who I am as a person from ideas to creative arts.


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