Double the Love

My household has doubled in size.  My Tiny Tot and her mother have officially moved in.

A tickle for Tiny Tot on our first night at the hotel on the way to FloridaDSCF2042


The hotel man was so sweet to fix Tiny Tot a baggie of cereal to snack on during the trip.

So after a nice breakfast our caravan was ready for the last leg of the journey home.

My sister Paula generously volunteered the use of her vehicle.  We could not have brought all their belongings down without her.  I have the sweetest and best sister in the world!  And I really enjoyed her companionship during this hectic trip.

The weather paid us a nasty call in the form of heavy rain, hail, and even tornados as we made our exit from Virginia.  We were trapped in a torrential downpour, thunder boomed so closely we feared we would be struck down as we pumped gas so we could take the expressway out of town.  Once we were out of the populated area the rain eased, but we began to notice leaves along the roadside as if a huge mower had come by.  Information came to us at the next stop for fuel – a tornado had touched down in the area while we were had been fueling previously several miles away.  As we made our way to I-95 we saw sporadic damage; trees randomly cracked to the core, utility poles down, and a few remnants of traffic accidents. One particularly memorable one was a semi over the guard rail.  We were so fortunate!


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