French Photo Collage Meets Zentangle

When I read Splitcoast Lydia’s tutorial on Zentangling inside the areas of a stamped image, like a open flower I got this idea to use a Lea France stencil.  Crazy, but I love it!

Here is the finished page.Celtic Knot 4 Joyce

If you would like to know how I did this, please read on.

First I decided on simple photos with the one darling center pop.  I thought about black and white photos, but didn’t have any and these calm, relaxing beach pics taken close to sundown seemed quite enough.  I went through stamps looking for a sentiment to go with the feel and I think this one is perfect.  WP_20140605_001_edited-1

Using the stencil I decided where the photos would go and where my empty spaces would be.  I used a Faber Castell India ink pen to draw those spaces of the stencil on to the Whisper White Stampin’ Up! card stock.  It is the perfect medium to use for pen work, it is super smooth and allows the pen to glide nicely with no drag.  I highly recommend picking up a pack of 12 x 12 if you don’t already have it.  Another option, if you have only the 8 1/2 x 11 SU card stock would be to piece it onto the larger 12 x 12 of what you have.  It’s that important to have good, smooth stock. Really.


WP_20140605_003_edited-1Here is the key to making every piece fit.  Use the diagram that comes in your package.  Place your cut piece, one at a time, on the diagram to make sure it is perfect.  If you notice an edge that needs trimming closer, do it now, and your layout will fit together so much more easily.

For my stamped image I used black embossing powder to assure it would be bold.  It is your option as to whether you will paste the photos before doodling, as I did.  WP_20140605_005

This process is very calming, be warned!  I started last night and got so relaxed I went to bed a little early.  The serenity of this process stayed with me through the night.  Not something I’m use to.  Bright and early (that’s how the morning always seems to come for me) I was up and still at peace.

If you are at a loss but are curious, Google it for further ideas, patterns and instructions. Peace!


4 thoughts on “French Photo Collage Meets Zentangle

  1. Joyce~You are special at my house today. My husband says he is insanely jealous of you. He asked Kristy why you get to be so talented. I second the sentiments! 🙂 This is stunning! I cannot believe you could get that done so fast. I would take months. I love zentangle and have the books but still can’t do it like that. Wowzers! Hugs~Patti

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