Getting Artsy with Soft Gel Medium

That was my challenge.  It’s the second week’s lesson of the class I’m taking at Big Picture called “Get Artsy Mixed-Media Class with Mou Saha”.

We are supposed to be on week 4 now but I am just finishing my page for week 2.

The Wave Poem Week2It started with mists on a sheet of watercolor paper.  It came out too heavy but because I had a coat of gesso I was able to apply another coat and all the ink softened and moved into a much prettier and softer color.  The I did more spraying, especially lightly, and made it run.  Overdone. But, hey, trial time.  I know I wanted to use a photo from the beach.  You can barely see the word “wave” along the left, it didn’t come out like I had envisioned.  So, what could I write?  Well, a nice quote or poem perhaps?  Couldn’t find one that worked for me so thoughts started popping out and I wrote my own poem.  I embellished with stamps, cuts from a Cricut cartridge, jewels and flowers.

There is a lot to learn about working with various mediums and how to apply them to my scrapbooking world – a lot to learn!


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