Getting a New Power Pole

The pole setting crew must have thought I was strange (and they would be right) when I walked out to them the day they came to install a new power pole.  I had to know what was going on in my front yard, and of course, once I knew I had to photo document it.  I’ve done that all along since I moved here, why stop now.

I took so many photos I had to make two pages.  One of the men actually posed for the camera.  How special is that!   Celtic Knot 2 Joyce

Celtic Knot 3 Joyce

Both are created with Lea France Celtic Knot stencil.  Page 1 is very straight forward.  With page 2 I turned the center photo, added two panels cut from a security envelope and did some stamping.  The “Men at work” patch I printed off the Internet.  The light is a stamp by Unity, the trees are from Stampin’ Up! which I stamped off first to give a faint image so the journaling would be legible.  I learned that FPL hopes to diminish outages during hurricane season by upgrading to thicker poles.  Hopefully.

It’s been a slow weekend, with little accomplished.  I have made a couple of greeting cards and a little quilted bag which I’ll get to later. These layouts were completed on Thursday but I’ve been lax in blogging too.   It rains all afternoon usually, putting a real damper on outside activity.  Also, I have realized I don’t care to cook with Kris not being here.  I am feeling the pain of that.  I think I’m gaining weight and I know I am not feeling as well when I do not eat right.  Shame on me.  So, it’s a new start Monday.  Let’s see if I can do a better job of taking care of myself and getting productive craft wise.

Ya’ll have a fabulous start of your new week – until next time! Bye.


One thought on “Getting a New Power Pole

  1. I was starting to feel like Kristy was part of the family here and wondering what we would do when she goes home. I love your pages. Very impressive. Hugs–Patti

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