Reflection at Ft. Lauderdale Beach


Another scrapbook page with the Lea France Harmony stencil and some pics from the intersection of Las Olas and A1A.

It was the central point back in my High School days for going to the beach.  My friends and I spent many days there.  Today it is a lot different, more hotels – bigger ones, the street parking is gone and there is a lovely sidewalk now, the main street is one way only.  I parked across the street in the city lot for $1.75 an hour.  Lots of parking though, unlike the days of driving up and down till someone pulled out or parking a few blocks away and walking.  The walk across the street from the huge lot makes it lots easier.

Anyway, I did lots of stamping on the paper (Pink Paislee) with my Stampin’ Up stamps.  I first spray over a couple of stencils the used the stamps.

I hope you like my arrangement and photo choice for this stencil.

I am trying to break out of my usual scrapbook pages and do more in depth journaling.  If interested here is what I journaled. “Passing of time reveals what man has changed and what God has kept the same.  Like looking in a mirror t the high school girl who walked here so long ago changes in my own life are reflected back at me today.”


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