Simple Watercolor Background

I have been interested in playing with watercolor and sketching lately.  I decided on this main photo for my theme and make a watercolor to use as a background on the scrapbook page.DSCN9669_WC-SwingWEB

Afterwards I realized how “non-sand” colored the playground really was.  I should have not made my sand so tan. Oh well, there’s contrast.  I kept the layout simple since my focus was on the idea of Tiny Tot on the swing in such a contemplative mood, it seemed.  My base for this page is from my very old pack of “In Colors”, the very first one I bought back in 2006 I think, and a pattern by Pop Culture that goes well.  I used two solid SU card stocks for the title cut from the Hello Kitty Font Cricut cartridge.  Kristy had a piece of turquoise chain that was perfect for accenting the chain of the swing and the color of the outfit in the photos.  I was first going to just use the one photo, but instead add 3 smaller ones, creates a nice balance.  I have been re-reading Ali Edwards book “A Designer’s Eye for Scrapbooking”.  I am reminded to create more journaling.  I used to be a writer and yet II ‘m lucky to have a title on my pages.  I have so many feelings and impressions of this wonderful and precious Tiny Tot, there is no reason I should keep them only in my head.  I create these pages for posterity, and one day my memory may falter.  If I put it down now, she may enjoy the albums more when she is grown.

I used watercolor crayons I bought from Stampin’ Up years ago.  Although I would love to really get into watercoloring on a larger scale, for now my pencils and crayons are enough and so much easier.

Have a happy weekend, leave me a comment about your ideas on watercolor if you care to.  Thanks to stopping by.


One thought on “Simple Watercolor Background

  1. Joyce~This really looks great & do you realize how many different substances that they are using on playgrounds nowdays? Some of them are those red rubber or black rubber shreds. I guess most of them red so it won’t be so hot but still there are so many colors plus the sand would look all different colors depending on the time of day & how the sun was hitting it. I identified it immmediately & thought it was awesome. You are being too hard on yourself! LOL (I NEVER do that as you well know!) Hugs~Patti

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