Simple Lined Sympathy in Navy and White


I made this for a friend who’s father passed away.  It is serene and simple.  The line work is done with a Micron pen and a ruler.

Here’s how I did it.  After stamping the two Stampin’ Up! images (#127805, pg. 92) on the white panel (cut a 1/4 “ smaller than the navy card base) I drew the bottom line starting at the lower right corner.  This way I could measure at what point I want it to intersect with the sentiment.  Before reaching the left side, I paused to measure the distance from the edge that my line started so I could match it to the left edge.

So now the side margins are set.  To make the top line I measured the distance of my bottom line from the bottom edge.  To make it easier to finish drawing the side lines, use a light pencil line near those approximate points on the edges now that you have the ruler laid out for the drawing the top line.  You can start the top line, but you need to finish the side edges now, then complete the top.

I have added a little piercing to the top right corner and some white seam binding to the card – nothing more.

Note: when using a pencil on paper, be sure the eraser you use will not make a smudge.  I use a White Pearl by Papermate.  It never leaves a mark like a lot of the pencil ends do.

I hope you will try this line work.  If interested, I could post step by step photos to make it easier.  If you do try this please be sure to link me up so I can see it too.


Tell them how much you care about them today! Do not take “tomorrow” for granted.


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