Coloring at Two

leia 001

Leia has produced something that amazes me.  I picked this paper up at the grocery store last night and let her color it this morning while we were getting breakfast ready.  She is always busy, so having this coloring sheet for her was something easy to keep her occupied.  Later I noticed something different and unexpected for someone her age – almost two.

Do you notice how she has colored only the critter?  Today at church she had a pencil and did her thing with the bulletin, anything to keep her busy and quiet.  I watched her maneuver her pencil into position before putting it to the paper.  Leia holds her coloring crayons and her pencils just like she is supposed to, not the way one would expect of someone her age.  She draws lines, she scribbles in a confined area and she makes tiny little lines.  These tiny little lines is her attempt at writing, I have later learned from her later.  She is trying to write something, she knows the difference in coloring an object and writing something.  Of course, she isn’t making letters, she is not writing for real.  But she sure is coming surprising close to coloring an object.

I am amazed that this precious little being comprehends the shape on the page and stays as close as she does within the confines of that shape this early.

Since her visit, I have been blown away by the conversations she carries on with people.  She speaks so clearly, understands so much more that any two year old I’ve ever seen.

Her two year old birthday is coming on the 28th.  She will tell you she is having an Elmo birthday party, they are going to swim, and that she is excited!  And anyone can understand her when she talks.

Leia blows me away!


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