Disaster or Expense Avoided

I could have had to buy another battery charger for my underwater camera.  I decided to read up on it’s features yesterday while waiting at the doctor’s office for DD when I realized the battery must be dead.  The book said if it did not turn on I either had the battery in wrong or both latches weren’t locked, or – the battery was dead.  So when I got home I started a search that lasted for hours.

Do you ever hate yourself for putting something up in that “safe” place, only to have it never resurface?  I looked in the two places I told myself I would put batteries and charges in for safe access and the charger wasn’t there.  I did find a couple of items I had forgotten about, one being a business card case I had looked for unsuccessfully.

An important note is that yesterday was Thursday.  Our trash is picked up  on Thursday mornings.  Get where I’m going yet?  Yes, I found the charger in the trash can by the computer desk.  Had DD emptied that can Wednesday night as she sometimes does, not every week because we put so little trash in it, I would have lost it forever and would have had to bite the cost of a new one.  I found it when I got down on my hands and knees to look under the desk and side table and decided to check the little trash can a second time more thoroughly.  I had first looked in there back when I thought it had a cord attached, which I later found a picture of what the charger really looked like in the ever informative manual.

Now my camera battery is charged and the charger now rests safely in the top drawer of my Cricut cabinet.

As a test I took a photo of the den, and to DD’s surprise, a photo of the drawer.DSCF1112battery-charger

I’m happy.  Now to read up on the features so I can hit the beach since it is officially summer here in the land of an 11-month long summer.


One thought on “Disaster or Expense Avoided

  1. Whew! I noticed you label your chargers, too! I have so many that I have a special plastic container labeled “Chargers” and dutifully label each one as they are accumulated!
    Glad you found what you needed!

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