Dress with Pink Elephants

When a customer bought some of this pink print a few weeks back, I thought it would make a cute dress for Leia.  But, I always think that about a piece of fabric and I have so much stash already, so I put it on the “go back” rack behind the counter.  Doing that caused me to spot the green gingham fabric.  Low and behold, the two would be perfect together.  I couldn’t help myself now, I was hooked on the combo – after all it was such a bargain.  I studied the two and decided I needed a brown to accent the dress so went on a search for a matching brown and found the perfect geometric in the right shade of green and brown.  I bought some, not knowing what pattern I’d use, and I’m happy to say it worked out in the end.  I didn’t have enough of the elephant print to make the panties but stretched the gingham to work.DSCN7232PinkGrnGinhamBrn

Making an outfit this small is like building a card.  I decide on the layout and gather the supplies since I already had the patterns picked out.  I ended up making just a solid strip of the brown print instead of a ruffle because it seemed too busy to do otherwise. There is a green satin ribbon sewn over the brown fabric with embroidery thread.  The color is lined with the brown.  It needed a bit of embellishment.  A yo-yo flower would be just the thing.  That bow of the green ribbon is  very securely sewn in there – I wouldn’t want baby girl pulling it off.DSCN7233yoyo

Mommy and baby are moving this weekend, so this won’t go in the mail just yet.  Hopefully she will enjoy wearing this summery dress.


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