Step, Twist, Pull and Pop

Oh, I am so in love with my new tool I just bought at Lowe’s today!

I have prickly weeds that pop up in the yard that are a bear to dig out.  I now have found the most amazing tool so I don’t have to dig around the weed to get far enough below it where I can grab it and pull it out without getting pricked by it’s nastyness.

Check this out!DSCN7047

This is so totally easy – position it over the weed, step it into the ground, twist the bar handle, pull up and PRESTO! the weed is out.  To get it off your stick just pop the poll between the handle bars and out it comes, easy peesy!DSCN7045DSCN7046

No, I’m not affiliated with the company, but I just had to share in case there is a friend who could benefit from this marvelous tool.

Truly a good day it has been.  After hitting Kristy’s doctor appointment first thing this morning, I dropped of the lawn mower for repair.  From there we shopped at Tractor Supply, Lowe’s, and Walmart.  Once home we did some more work in the yard, in the area where Kris is planning a flower bed.  In the canal behind us we confiscated rocks for the bed perimeter.  It’s exhausting, all this physical labor, but it is so pretty outside it is just a shame to not be outside.


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