Chicken Coop is Built

But the girls aren’t allowed to stay out there after dark.DSCN6967

At one point last night when the three pups were let outside for a potty break, they created an awful ruckus.  Kris grabbed the flashlight and looked in the direction of the extreme barking.  There, pressed up against the fence was a opossum, trying real hard to look inconspicuous.  Of course the chicks were not out, since the coop hadn’t been built yet, and we brought their box back into the kitchen rather than leaving them in the screen-in room.  I didn’t trust the critter, I feared it would try to break though our screen!

I had a decent time of putting this together.  Then Greg came over to help with the roof and the nesting box.DSCN6963


Isn’t our little coop cute?!  The girls enjoyed it for an hour or so this afternoon.


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