My Lettering Class

I am taking a lettering class at My Creative Classroom.  It is techniques for hand lettering with the fine tip and broad tip markers.  The lessons are well designed and I have enjoyed practicing the techniques so far.  I have made the first 3 sample panels that we will make for our collection of techniques.

DSCN6461_edited-1 This is Wk 1- panel 1.  The goal was bouncing and adding weight to the letters.  On this, my 3rd try to make proper use of my panel, I gave up and kept the off balanced border with the addition of a candle.  It works, right?!




Panel 2.  I made the background with reinkers on a sheet protector.  Once the ink is sprayed well (pre wet the watercolor paper panels) press the paper on to it.  This is messy but I love all the fabulous papers I got from this technique.  When I try this again, I will not use such a bold filler, the pink is too much for the background.



Panel 3.  This is the result of playing around with the “DO-Dad” alphabet.  I created this saying from a quote of Mother Teresa. “Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do… but how much love we put in that action.”


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