Organizing Start

It’s still January, only barely.  I’ve spent some time this evening looking over some web sites, one in particular, about organizing our stamping/scrapbooking supplies.  I have been chosen to host a couple of scrapbook challenges on Splitcoaststampers early February and the thought of organizing in prep for that event was on my mind.

Here is a book I started a while back and now vow to get back to filling.  It is my spiral bound notebook I’ve titled My Little Book of Big Ideas.  Corny, but functional.  The organizational aide to this book is that it allows me to store those clippings of magazine articles I come across and can’t part with so I end up storing way too much.  If I go through a mag and clip out the really inspiring points I can pitch the rest.  Of course, some idea books will still be kept for the mere volume they contain, so I’m not referring to those.


I have a ball point pen stuck in the coil so it is handy to jot down ideas.  There is a key ring attached so I can hang it in my craft room for easy access.

Another video I saw tonight was on cleaning and re-sticking my Cricut mat.  I had a bottle of De-solv-it and it worked amazingly.DSCN6425_edited-1  After letting this cleaner sit on the mat for 15 or 30 minutes ( I really didn’t time it) I used an old credit card to scrape it off.  Once I got the top layer off, did I mention it was REALLY caked on, I could tell I needed another soaking.  After all the removal, which came off quite easily, I washed it in the kitchen sink with Dawn.

Having a clean surface will make it a lot nicer for the cardstock to cut.  The mat was very, very caked up with adhesive because after it stopped sticking all I did was use my repositional glue stick and it lumps.  For now I will likely use that glue stick, but I’m going to look into the glue that was recommended in that video I watched.  I would love to hear about your organizational ideas and Cricut mat adhesive if you care to share.

My next area to think about organizing is the punches. I saw a fantastic idea and I will share it once I get it gong.


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