My last Lindt


They say that all good things must come to an end and today I had a wake-up call. Although I’m ending my day on a sweet note, my day didn’t start well. I had to get up earlier than planned because of beeping. I decided it probably was the smoke detector so got my little step ladder out of the pantry and with a new 9 volt in hand changed the battery. It wasn’t that. On further pin-pointing I discovered it to be the alarm system. And now I can’t get the smoke detector back up right, either I’m just a tad too short or my ladder is. Anyway, the alarm company managed to silence the beeping but a visit is required with a price of $25; the appointment is set for Friday.

On to breakfast for the fur babies and a bowl of crispy rice cereal for me. Weird and as unlikely as it may sound when eating an innocent bowl of cereal, I cracked a tooth. Panic! Scary thing too. As long as the tooth doesn’t get moved around I’m okay, but I can’t chew over there of course. I must brag about the dentist’s staff. When I called with my woe she was not only kind and considerate in tone, but she offered to call another patient to ask if she would move her appointment so I could come in sooner. The sweet patient agreed and I got seen right away. Dr. Richard Leong, btw, is wonderful too!

Why no more candy: Because sugar is so very bad for everything in my life. I have bad teeth and gums because of it, I am over weight because of it. To be fair, these conditions are more because I don’t control my intake. Sugar is so addictive! It’s like a drug, when you have some you crave more and more.

Yes, it tastes good – but nothing compares to having my health. I must lose this extra weight and I must get a healthy mouth.  I have joined a group on my favorite scrapbooking site “Let’s Scrap” where we are dedicated to work on our weight issues by banding together with help and encouragement.  I’m sure I will desire sugar for the rest of my life, and I will most likely cave from time to time.  I do know from precious experience that the craving does get easier with time, the longer one stays off of it, the easier it will be.

Getting healthy isn’t just about not eating sugar, it also requires adequate exercise and sleep.  Portion control with the right foods is a must too.

Enough preaching – do hope I haven’t bored you to tears!  Well, it’s “Goodbye” to my scrumptious, sweet, melt-in-my-mouth delight!  I have a much brighter future in mind!


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