My surprise – Keurig


Well, lookie here – Kris surprised me this morning with a birthday present.  DSCN5916I must admit I have long admired and wanted this machine, especially after visiting Kara in April, but always just passed on by.  I sent a photo to Kara to let her know of my wonderful joy and she called back.  During our discussion she told me it is only about 61 cents a cup so I don’t feel too guilty when I want a specialty cup.  Kris also got the K-cup which allows me to brew from the loose coffee as well, great for my everyday, usual coffee.  DSCN5921_edited-1

I do have the BESTEST EVER dear daughter!  Thank you my sweet and loving Kristy!  I know you love me and I love you for your heartfelt gift!

See the littles looking on?  They must be wondering what all the commotion is about.

Now off to see what other flavors we can try!  Kara suggested the Chai Latte for one.


2 thoughts on “My surprise – Keurig

  1. While she is gone I am going to write this. LOL I was cleaning out my mail & saw this. I read it. When I first met Kristy she told me over & over that you were her best friend. I know that she meant it. You DO have something very special! Hang on to that! Love you both~Patti

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