One Block to go

Here are three more blocks for the Craftsy BOM project I’m doing this year.


This one was paper pieced. I rather like my fabric choices.  This is the second time I visited the style of paper piecing.  I was part of a group (45 quilters) who exchanged sets of squares from which we had to design and produce a quilt using at least bits from nearly DancingSkirts-1all the squares.  I designed a spiraling pattern with the help of a Jinny Beyer’s bookDesigning Tessellations: The Secrets of Interlocking Patterns.  I even won 2nd place for Viewer’s Choice out of the 45 quilts.  My last block for Craftsy – October’s second BOM – is another paper pieced block.  I have the papers printed, it’s just a matter of sitting down at the machine and doing it now.


These two were very time consuming. There are 32 pieces to cut per block, 16 curved lines to sew before the rows can be sewn together.  When I cut the pieces exactly to the template given I was too small for the block. Each of the 16 blocks needed to be 3.5 inches.  So, I started cutting the pieces a tad larger.

The effect of these blocks is pretty.  I actually made a wall quilt using this curved block several years ago for a boss named Paul back in Virginia.  Then I used Asian fabrics for the inside piece and batiks for the outside.  That was a pattern I took from a book.  I don’t have a photo of that quilt, wish I did.

I look forward to these last two months with as we pick up on ideas for the sashing, borders,and binding I’m guessing.  I plan to pay to have this huge quilt quilted on someone’s longarm – it’s worth the money.


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