August Craftsy Block of the Month

I really moved with these patterns, already have August done.  I’m happy with my color choices, most likely because of the blues and greens I guess.

This is Ohio Star.  The lesson is to visit quarter square triangles.

The center square is a scrap from a dress I made for Leia.  The blues aren’t a perfect match to the other blues in my fabric collection but it just seemed to work as an accent block since the dark brown is right for the focus fabric.


This is the Double Star.  I learned a couple new tricks from this class.  The first was to make sure I pick a contrast for behind the center star so it will stand out.  I had the blue-green arrangement going on in my head and just had to work out the final choices.  I like it. Another tip Amy gave us was what to do with the tiny triangles that would be cut off when the squares are added to the rectangle.  That appealed to my conserve and waste not attitude.

So, here we are, done with August Block of the Month already.  Since working with the patterns got me in the mood to create I finished the pattern for a table runner I want to make with my surfing penguins.  It’s all drafted, templates made, and most of the pieces are cut.


2 thoughts on “August Craftsy Block of the Month

  1. This is so great. I saw it when you accidentally posted it on the other blog & I had forgotten what your blog was so I had to get your blog addy before I could let you know how much I love it! 🙂

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