Dresden Block of the Month

I finished my two blocks for July.  This month we visited the traditional Dresden Plate pattern and a modern version without the points.


The color arrangement is typically spread out evenly but I chose to put my colors together more like a wheel.  This was a fun pattern to make.  It would make a nice throw pillow block too.  Once the blades are sewn together, the entire circle is placed on the background and stitched. I used a blanket stitch, as well with the center circle.

craftsy5351modDresdenFor this block, we were to cut a longer blade all from the same fabric.  The blades are sewn together without making the point on the end.  Once all the blades are in a circle, it is placed right side down on a square of fabric – I used my background white as well – and stitched with a small seam allowance.  Because there is a hole in the center, it is easy to turn it right side out.  The edges are smoothed out and ironed.  I used the blanket stitch from my machine for this block as well.  Once again the center circle is stitched to cover the inside ends of the blades.  Actually I did a better job on this circle I see.  To make the circle, I cut a template from paper 4 1/2 inches.  With right sides together sew a seam close to the edge – trying to keep it round.  Pull the centers apart with your fingers and clip one layer so it can be turned right side out, presenting you with a nice smooth turned under edge.  The hard way would be to try to press under an edge with a single layer.  After the circle is turned, smoothed and pressed, I stitched it down with the blanker stitch.

Ok, I’m ready for August! I have my 5 July Christmas cards and my 2 BOM’s done for this month.


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