Animal Print Skirt and Tank

I made this skirt from a McCalls pattern (#5591) and purchased the tank from Walmart which is by White Stag.  It’s a nice quality knit to have come from Walmart fortunately.  5327ensomble Here is a closer view of the skirt.5328skirt

The 5 petal blossoms were free-hand drawn on the Wonder Under paper, cut out, ironed on, and zig-zag stitched down,  The center flower has two layers that are not ironed down.  I envision them softening and being a bit more floppy after washing.  5325blkTank


Buttons are securely sewn on as to not come off in the laundry, nor give in to those precious little one year old Leia fingers when she picks at them while in her grandmother’s arms!


4 thoughts on “Animal Print Skirt and Tank

  1. No wonder Grandma was so happy about this! I told her you were the best mommy ever too! If you ever decide that you want another daughter? I am available–just saying! 😉

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