Yo Yo Puppy


My project is finally finished.  I worked on making the yo-yos for quite a while.  This was my carry along project for when I would be waiting somewhere.  I had my large baggie and hand stitched them.  This is of course made from scraps.  It actually started out with a selection of squares I had collected over the years.  The red piece is fairly new and I thought it a nice contrast for the paws and tail.  The eyes are made with embroidery floss for safety.  I wouldn’t want Leia to be chocking on a button.  This will go up to Virginia for her first birthday.

DSCN5316 Here you can see the pattern envelope.


…and another side view showing the little tail.


5 thoughts on “Yo Yo Puppy

  1. Oooooooooh – how srummy delicious is he !!!! I seriously WANT one… I would squish it to bits – he’s so lovely 😀
    Is it stuffed inside coz how does it stand up like that ??? xxxxxxxxx

    • No, the body and legs are not stuffed, just the head. It’s just a trick I taught him, he sits on command too!

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