A Simply Delightful Day

My day began with a good night’s sleep, after which I got up when I wanted to do so.

Redbox sent me a code for a free rental.

After stopping by Sally’s where Kris picked up her purple hair dye, she treated me to a frozen treat at Kiwi Loco.  If you have one in your area and haven’t tried them yet, I highly recommend doing it soon.

We had an enjoyable ride up to the base listening to a book on cd that we started back on our trip to Virginia at the end of April.  We can only listen when we are both in the car.

While waiting for Kris to get her haircolor re-done, I worked on the yo-yo puppy.  This has been my take-along project for quite a while.

As we stepped outside I spotted a dragonfly and stopped to watch it.  It took flight and came right to land on my shirt.  I have never had one do that.  I was thrilled.

What outing is complete without turning into Michael’s for a quick browse?  I had an informative read through an art book that was inspiring.  Kris found some beads on sale.  We were happy.

Stepping out we were overwhelmed by a beautiful rainbow.  Fortunately I had my camera.

And we have a movie to watch later as we eat a bowl of homemade 15 bean soup.


2 thoughts on “A Simply Delightful Day

  1. Wasn’t that just awesome how that Dragonfly flew on you and stayed even while we walked to the car, it wasn’t until you swished your shirt and told it to leave, did it fly away. And this rainbow after my Micheal’s fix, even-though we just went the other day I was having withdrawals again 🙂

  2. A perfect day!!! I have been fortunate to have two dragonfly landings and one butterfly that did not want to leave me for 20 minutes last summer in Little Rock. Ice cream, rainbow, crafts. Life is good!!! Hugs, Ree

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