Craftsy BOM for April

These two blocks were fun.  I have never done anything quite like them and I really enjoyed the process the class led me through.  The little hex shape is first cut from paper, like computer paper.  The fabric is cut a 1/4 of an inch larger.  The paper is placed on the wrong side of the fabric and each side is turned over the paper.  The simple trick was to run a stitch around that I would have thought too sketchy to hold but it worked.  I was amazed.  Once the hex shapes are basted they can be placed on the background fabric and attached.  I have always liked the look of hand stitching the applique so that is what I did to each piece. HexiStripe



2 thoughts on “Craftsy BOM for April

  1. I think your blocks of the month turned out wonderful! I truly think they are great! You have a great eye for placing your colors, and picking up the print in your fabric choices. All the blocks that you have made for your challenge up to date, are just super! Looking forward to seeing May’s blocks!

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