Something About the Crinkle

There is something about the crinkle of a brown paper bag that invites curiosity.  It beacons one to find a treasure inside.  Kris was putting together the box we are sending to Kara and I began to hear that sound.  For a while.  I had to go investigate.DSCN4315

Goodies for Kara!  It is going in the box, along with birthday and Easter gifts.  Now that Kara has let us know she in interested in creating a scrapbook album on her own, we have lots of goodies to share.  I mounted a stamp set that I have a duplicate of to send.  Grandma Donna and Grandpa Greg are sending a gift card to Michael’s.  I also put a 6 X 6 unopened Stampin’ Up album in the box.  (SU albums are SOOO nice!)  It’s good to know she is awakening her interest in doing something with paper since someone has to take over playing with all our goodies when we can’t any longer! 


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