I Found a Reason to Fail

After reading Julie’s post this morning, I have been inspired to embrace my artistic desires. Time doesn’t stand still and I need to wake up and accept that fact by creating the art inside of me that is screaming to become real.

Here is the link to Julie Fei-Fan Balzer’s post – so worth the read.  It explains the concept perfectly without me trying to reword it again. One can not create their wonderful art without first coming up with pieces that fail.

I have been saying to my daughter that I want to delve deeper in to a style of art that appeals to me, but I still just skirt around it.  As Julie put it, maybe it’s the fear of failure.  At this point in my life, what do I have to be afraid of if my piece stinks?  Am I only trying to impress someone else or can I allow myself to grow?  I can only get better at something if I work at it.  To expect an award-winner right out of the shoot is unrealistic.

So, today I talk about it.  I will begin to form a more solid view of what it is I am wishing to create.  The idea is to see it before I can create it.  I am not limiting my projects either – media wise.  Paper and fabric – cards and clothes.  It’s all fair game.  I do have some projects that are obligations, but within those walls of confinement comes chances for new inspiration and a healthy dose of discipline.

Because of my commitment to making 5 Holiday cards a month – and a wise one as well that provides me with a supply of cards for greeting friends come November – I will continue with it.  I love the idea of having a new quilt at the end of a year, and I’m enjoying the new techniques, so I will continue with the Craftsy Block of the Month project.  There are a few scrapbook pages that I will make as obligation for an upcoming event on Splitcoast.  Continuing to make random cards serves two purposes. I will have the fun of creating in a small, more structured, space of time which is like flexing my creative muscles and the obvious result of having a card to send a message on occasion.  Along with these projects, I will begin to make something in the style I have been dreaming about doing.


One thought on “I Found a Reason to Fail

  1. Joyce, I heard that a good (and courageous) artist has a willingness to let things be in dissarray and disorganized until it is time to make something out of it….

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