DGD Dealt with the Dealership Devil

There she was – her first time buying a new car. Alone, except for her 6 month old. While up front with the actual car salesman, she had been on the phone with her mother and granny for advice. The experience up front wasn’t so bad, she negotiated a deal she was okay with.  However, no one had warned her what would happen in the backroom. She was a young woman at the mercy of the backroom salesman all alone. He was a sweet-talking devil, with a come-back for every “no thank you” she replied with.  Finally, after 4 hours at the dealership with her sweet little miss who had been super good but was ready for a change of scenery to say the least, it seemed all was settled and she signed the papers.  She had refused all the extras.  All but one it seems.  When she got home and pulled out the papers she had signed, she noticed a difference. There was a finance charge that shouldn’t have been there.  Being a half hour before the dealership closed, the man on the phone suggested she come back in the morning to discuss her concerns.  She was fine with that, she had already planned to go in with her copy of her medical diploma to prove an additional discount she was given.  It seems the smooth devil said “nothing would change” with her monthly payment if she added the extended warranty.  What he didn’t make clear was the added finance charge and length of payments.  The next morning she stood up to dealership devil and had them rewrite the document!  Shame on those sneaky devils.100MEDIA95IMAG0289Karacorollatadblur


Karas new car with Leia


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