Craftsy Block February – Balkan Puzzle


This is my third installment in my endeavor to follow along with the Craftsy Block of the Month. I do love puzzles, that’s one of the reasons I enjoy putting quilt blocks together.  This one turned out quite well.  My tip is to square up each of the 16 pieces to 3 1/2 inches before putting in rows.  Then, pin the three intersections at the seam, seams pushed into opposite directions.  This better insures the points will be a closer match and the final block will be 12 1/2 inches.  I have a 12 1/2 inch Omni ruler.  This ruler makes it so much easier to see how your final block is turning out before trimming the edges.  I had very little to trim away, which was fine, I just hate when the block didn’t quite make it to the size, which means I must check to see where I went wrong and do it over.  I sew a “scant” quarter inch seam on all the piecing and that works well.

Here is a recap of the other blocks so far.                                            

                           Asterisk – – –craftsy jan1 Asterisk

Wonky Pound Sign – – –craftsyjanbwonkylb

The fabrics are going together nicely, don’t you think?  My second block for February will bring in some orange and brown.

Thanks for looking!  If you aren’t already, why not play along and make the two blocks a month?!


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