Paper Doll Play

We found this super fun book and I made my first paper doll from it.  I drew a figure similar to one in “Collage Couture” by Julie Nutting.  Then cut it out of a page from a book.  I made her clothes from scraps of patterned paper.  j-3415pd1After making a background card I pasted this image down and drew in some details.  Here is the finished card on a scrapbook page where I documented my childhood love of paper dolls.

I wrote out my journaling with a Signo pen, used Spellbinder dies, and a punch by EK.  The paper is SU mostly.

The absolute best embellishment is the bits of Stampin’ Up! fabric my DD reminded me I had!

In case it is difficult to read my journaling, here it is:

As a young girl I loved paper dolls.  Shortly after cutting out the outfits I began to draw & fashion their clothes, on plain paper, or often on old magazines. It was a special treat to have a Sears catalogue. Such mail was very infrequent then. Even more so in my house with my neat & tidy Mama Ruby. Today I have begun a new form of paper doll play using “Collage Couture” by Julie Nutting (2011) as my guide & inspiration. I will enjoy this new way of playing with paper dolls.


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