Flannel Hoodie with Chiffon Ruffles

Finished this outfit today for my two month old great grand daughter.


Here’s the play by play if you care to know how I put this together.  The hoodie has a ric-rac trim and is lined with minkie type soft and cuddly fabric – I just didn’t want the back side of the flannel showing and this is so soft for her little sweet head!  The ruffle was left off of the hood because I thought it would be too likely it would fall in her beautiful face.  I made the ruffles by ripping strips of chiffon, folding over and stitching down the edge before putting through my new ruffler foot.  I bound the edge of the jacket before adding a row of ric-rac.  There are three rows of ruffles on the butt of the pants and a row of ric-rac at the hem.  I sure wish I could see her wearing it!  We do get to enjoy seeing her on live video through the computer often – so thankful that DGD and DD do that occasionally.

So, it is ready to mail and I have started another outfit.  This is a size small and is still a little too large for her, so I may just wait until the next top and pantie is finished before mailing.


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