A Ruffler Attachment


After seeing a sewing show recently I decided I really could benefit by having this device.  The standard way of ruffling for all my years was to run two lines of long stitching and then pull the fabric along by hand and try to make the gathers even.  And hope the threads didn’t break.  Lately, my sewing machine wouldn’t work when set on the gathering stitch.  All the other stitches I think I would use do work.  Just didn’t want to stitch correctly on the one selection. (Ah, the joys and restraints of an electronic machine!)  It had been a year since I took the machine in for a cleaning so I figured this was a good time to do it.  This is the first time I notice anything wrong too.  The woman at the store made the notes about my basting stitch for the repairman so he would be sure to take note of it.  When I got the machine back the basting stitch still didn’t work right – it doesn’t seem to know the pattern of sew-skip-skip-sew and repeat.  In fact I really wonder if he really even cleaned it because there was still dust on the walking foot.  I would have thought the would clean it since it was attached to the machine and I wasn’t getting a bargain price on the job either.  When I mentioned it to the woman over the phone she assured me there was nothing wrong with my stitches, after all, hadn’t he left me a sample of the stitches on a piece of fabric?  Oh yes, he had a swatch of neat rows of stitches on a rectangle under the presser foot.  The only thing was this sample wasn’t sewn with the thread in my bobbin or machine and it obviously came from a much longer strip that had been neatly cut down.  And the basting stitch wasn’t on the sample either.  She didn’t know when he would be back at this store, nor when I could talk to him (which she assured me I didn’t need to because he made sure all the stitches were fine).  I had started out calm and sure that it would all be taken care of, even though I would have to take it up to Viera again, but that isn’t how it ended.  During her negative attitude, and she never even offered to have me bring it back for him to re-check I decided I didn’t trust them with my expensive Bernina any way.  I have never had anything go wrong with either of my Berninas in the past and now that this one stitch is not working I’m at a loss.  I had hoped that a cleaning would be the answer to what ever was causing that stitch to miss.  Maybe he really never went in and cleaned it in the first place.  I’ll have to do some research and most likely talk to the store in Tampa.  One thing for sure, I’ll not go back to the Quilting Folks Sewing Gallery in Viera.


It looks intimidating.  Fortunately there are videos all over the Internet, as well as shows on TV, that show it in action.  Because I didn’t want to pay $120 ish for the official Bernina attachment, I found one on line that fits – beware Bernina owners, there are two fits available for the arm.  I found a description for them both too.  One style works for my old 930 Record but I chose to purchase one for my newer 180.


I ran some test strips through.  After playing with this one I decided I will have to use it as a flower on a fall card!


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