Orchids on Purple

j-2832orchidFor no special need I sat down and made this card this evening.  The papers are Stampin’ Up! – wisteria, grape, eggplant.  So are the colored pencils and the ribbon punch.  DD found the green mirror squares stashed in a drawer and she suggested them.  I like it!

Today I took my Bernina 180 Artista in for routine service.  So, tonight when Kris wanted to sew on the card she was working on I fired up my 930 Record – now this is why Bernina has the slogan “Nothing sews like a Bernina. Nothing.” It still hums along with such precision.  I still marvel at her “voice” and quality of stitch. She’s beautiful!  Do check out Kristy’s blog later once she has her card completed.  Anyway, my sewing machine is clean and ready for pick up. 

I really need to get back to sewing for my DGGD.  Her mommy took her in for a photo session at Sears today.  We got to pull up the site and view them – too cute.  DGD said the first photo the photographer took would have shown Leia’s beautiful smile – but she had forgotten to put the chip in the camera.  She pretty much cried the rest of the time.  Still some cute shots though.  One thing I regret though is that DGD wasn’t in any of the shots.  That is sad.  I know she hates to have her picture taken, but she must by pass that and realize she is loved (and a beauty in photos as well!) and we need to have her in shots for posterity. 


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