Full House at the Stamping Oasis

The SOS gals spent over 3 hours stamping, chatting and nibbling at Ree’s Oasis last night.  All the members currently on the roster were present.  My DD and I were the fortunate hostesses, so we reaped the rewards by getting to pick out free goodies from the SU catty.

DSCN2755web DSCN2756web


We sat around a double table, giving us delightful room to create the pretty projects Ree had in store for us.

Check out Ree’s Stampin’ Up! blog for more photos of the projects.

Being the hostess this month I brought fresh cut veggies on a tray and two dips by Makoto’s – one was just veggie, the other was ginger (may fav!).  I had a snack bowl of mixed nuts, chocolates, fruits, honey Chex, cocoa crispies.  Yummy.  Quite healthy actually.  I made a picture of tea from Diner’s Choice called white tea with strawberry and vanilla – no caffeine, no sugar, but oh so refreshing and tasty.

Here are some more shots just for fun:






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